Thursday, February 26, 2009

craft book and fabric addictions...

I've been too busy reading about crafting lately to actually craft. Does that sound as odd to you as to me when I write it? As you can see, I have a bit of a problem with buying craft and decorating books.

I just got this one. Alicia Paulson's Stitched in Time. (I bought it from this link and got a signed copy - how nice!) I can't wait to do the little family tree project...

And this one. Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing. I was inspired by this take on a shirt pattern inside. Can't wait to try it.

Thus far, I'm enamored with both of them. Serious love. I swap between reading these, and my Doodle Stitching, Bend the Rules Sewing , In Stitches and Seams to Me books almost hourly of late. It is almost like there are too many ideas that I can't do any of them! So what have I actually sewn or crafted? Ta da!

Hee hee...looks like some strenuous sewing, I'm sure. The Coffee Cozy - and it does double as a cute cuff as well. I modified the tutorial from here and stitched this up last night when I was gazing at my new books and fabric. Oh - did I mention the fabric? I've bought so much fabric lately, that I think I may have a problem. I picked up some fat quarters, some decor weight cotton and a few yards (6+) of quilting cotton. What is all this for? No idea. Yes - My name is Emily and I have a fabric buying problem. My mom calls it the fabric disease and claims it is genetic.
Outside of these examples of my problems and issues, Brooke and I are taking on a nice, normal and fun project. Brooke found the premise on this site... but in a nutshell, we are posting one picture each week of our kids WITH us. Ever notice that moms are not normally in the picture? Well, for one day each week we will be. My main incentive is the few pictures I have of my own mother from my childhood. The ones I have are priceless - the loud checkered bell bottoms, her sassy 70's hair dos - all the fun stuff! But do I have many? No! Would I love more? Yes! The plan is to someday give my daughter (and son hopefully if he want them) a bunch of photographs of us together for an entire year. Check us out at Want to play? We'd love to have you! Let me know and I'll get you access to the blog!

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