Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cookies and Thrift Finds

Griffin and I ran to 4 thrift stores on Friday (Aunt Sallie and Uncle Willie included) but did not find what I was searching for. Anyone have an 70's style accordion type mug rack? The ones with pegs at each corner of the diamonds? I normally see them EVERY time I thrift, and now that I want one, they are no where to be found. Don't feel too bad for us though, we managed to find plenty of other things to take home with us. I found this cookbook for $1.60.

Since I have a strange compulsion to buy a cookbook (or 3) every time I thrift, it was pretty much a given that I'd buy it. What is strange and unique, is that we decided to actually use it! Today, my sister Brianna, my niece Chloe, Rowan and myself built two of the cookie recipes from the book. The first are the face cookies featured on the cover. Mostly they are representative of the entire household here (this weekend that is), but if you look close you may find Maui-bound Bumpa and Gooma as well. The hair was made using a garlic press - which I may have hogged a bit and not let the girls use. I'm terrible, but it was fun! Reminded me of the Play Doh Barber set...

I think the book called these "Color Wonderful" cookies or something. I think they look Tie Dyed. They consist of mostly butter and powdered sugar - so they are really light and airy. Delish!

Here are a few more of my finds to share from thrifting. I found these trays - one owl and one rooster. I wasn't really in "need" of them, but they called out to me a bit (called? Hooted? Crowed?)

One last picture to continue the bird theme, prove I've actually been sewing a little and mostly to throw Nancy a bone. They are from the Spool tutorial and are part of the goodies that will accompany me to Texas in May :)

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