Monday, February 9, 2009

busy weekend

I'm feeling guilty that I have not posted in a while. Just because I'm not posting, does not mean that I have not been busy crafting, but Dave was on a snowmobiling trip so things have been BUSY! I've been sewing like a mad woman. Somehow I managed to do so with an absent husband and many play dates and children friendly activities added to the mix (see here for some pics BL took of G on our Friday adventure). Why is it that I go in such energy splurges? There are times that Dave is home and relatively "not busy" at work (read: home at a decent hour like 6 pm), and I barely manage to load the dishwasher during the entire week, make mac and cheese for dinner each night or put away a single piece of laundry. Then he goes out of town (for whatever reason) and I switch to Super Mom mode and successfully battle the forces of evil and dirt, scrubbing everything within the house, washing the insides of cupboards and drawers and vacuuming out the heat vents? Usually in the ultra productive modes, I'm able to craft as well. Maybe it is the "flight or fight" reflex kicking in - since I know that flight is not an option as solo mama:)

It was a semi productive mode that took over this past weekend. While the house did no get it's needed and deserved scrub down, the kids and I met up with friends, crafted, birthday partied, swam, danced and stimulated the economy. I got some of my sewing "to do" list crossed off as well. Here are the projects newly off my list - my long, never ending, constantly being added to list.

First, my mother and step-dad are headed to Maui next week. The go every other year and stay for about a month. Their condo neighbor has become a friend, and my mother asked me to sew her a gift. She left the gift choosing up to me, so I opted to make an apron. They are easy, one size fits most and I seem to have a strange obsession with making them. My mother picked out fabric with pin up girls as hula dancers online from Hart's. When it arrived I fell in love with it, but decided that the girls were a little too tall to be a full body apron - so I played with my Emmeline pattern and my In Stitches book and came up with a 1/2 apron that I like a lot. Here is the fun Hawaii side.

And here is the "pretty" side with some fabric from Joann's. Yes, I'm wearing my "Team Edward" t-shirt. It is OK, I'm not embarrassed...

Next, my niece has been learning to play the guitar and we had picked her up a tuner, strap and case for her 10th birthday this past weekend. To finish off the gift, Rowan decided her big cousin needed a bag to carry a songwriting notebook in. Lucky for me, my trusty Bend the Rules Sewing book has an adorable tote pattern inside. Love that book. Here is Chloe's song writing tote...with an iron on patch from Joann's. I feel a little bad that I did not create my own applique - but there was no time people.

Last, with the left over pink polka dot fabric from the apron, I crafted Miss Rowan a shirt for Valentines Day. I used Simplicity 2711. I like how it turned out... and she likes it as well. This does not happen often with us, so I'm reveling in the moment. My only issue with the sewing process was due to laziness - I did not cut the trim on the bias, so it is wonky at the neck. I hate when I see the results of my corner cutting in pictures - but she still looks pretty sweet to me. Oh - and you a see our snow melting out the rain splattered window - Hooray!

There may have been a few more things crafted this weekend, but some are top secret so I cannot divulge more. What I can say is, I've somehow become the personal seamstress for my mother. Which is a it odd, since she has a nicer machine AND a serger at her home. She has also spent many more years (a...hem.... not THAT many more Mom, sorry) sewing than I have. Turns out I love to do it maybe more than she does...which I'm gauging by the fewer swear words uttered. Oh, and she bribes me with fabric. We both win with this arrangement!

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