Friday, January 23, 2009

Scarf of many colors and a Thrifty Friday

Since my littlest guy is sleeping so nicely...

I am able to grab a few minutes to show off my fantastic new scarf. My aunt Nancy mailed it to me from Texas and I LOVE it. I'm calling it the Scarf of Many Colors. TOO CUTE! It was a "just because" gift, which is often the best type...

I wore my new scarf out and about as Griffin and I hit a few thrift stores today. That was before meeting up with friends at the house of Mouse. No, not Disney World... this is Minnesota people. Think Chuck E Cheese.
Here are my thrifting treasures... it was a pretty good day!

A few of my favorites...
Of course the aprons - and for a buck ninety five a piece, what is not to love? I know I'm a bit obsessed with aprons of late, but these are so nostalgic. I think the red one is perfect for Valentines day! They are currently in the washer on a gentle cycle with my fabric.. I have my fingers crossed that they survive :)

I am short on serving pieces, well - of the non plastic variety that is - so I picked up this plate and bowl. I think they were under $2 a piece, so I'm happier with the price than anything else.

All the sewing notions and fabric are good finds as well. These buttons are meant to be covered with fabric... not sure how to do it, but the packaging promises I need "no tools" to do this, so we'll see. Umm... I'm not sure how to rotate the picture - sorry :)

Here are some of the fabrics - most pieces were a 1/2 yard, but the orangy/peach on the top left corner is over a yard and the blue on the right is over 2. The lot was around $4.

Not separately pictured, but shown above in the first picture, I also picked up some sheets - a flannel one to use as interfacing in all my projects, and the green one to be used for my own pair of Wide Leg Lounge pants. I also found ric rac, bias tape, zippers and elastic for cheap... Life is good :)

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