Friday, January 30, 2009

gifts for baby "J"

Friends of ours had their second baby a few weeks back. They had a little boy (we'll call him "J" for the sake of the post - though "JJJ" would be more appropriate), and since their other babe is a girl, I decided some "boyish" baby accessories were in order. I am happy to say I only used fabric from my stash -I had the puppy fabric from Theresa's apron a while back, as well as some blue flannel I had found in the remnants section at Joann's and used to face Brianna's bag. Oh, and I always have various brown cottons, since I love the color brown.

I used the bib pattern in the Bend the Rules sewing book (Yes - AGAIN with the book, I know) to make 2 bibs. I did not have time (or printer ink really) to actually enlarge it and print it it is really an "eyeball" of the pattern. I hope that the neck hole fits his baby head. My kids had such huge melons, but their necks were really fairly scrawny, so I think we are good. The snap tool was also a "roadblock" at first, but I eventually figured out how to read Spanish and use the dang thing. I did an easy top stitch of the puppy appliques - the idea being that the edges will fray cutely, and not destructively.

Then I used the same fabrics and made a reversible burp cloth. Since it is a totally made up design, it is a bit crooked and wonky, but it should serve it's purpose well. I'd prefer the flannel side up, if I was baby "J" being burped on mom or dad's shoulder, I'm just saying.

Lastly, every baby needs a pair of fabric baby shoes, right? (Well, Vada needed like 23, but that is BL's story, not mine) I had just a bit more of the puppy fabric and some vintage buttons found in my antique sewing machine. I forgot how easy these are to put together... and how cute they turn out.
Here is the set - just before I wrapped it up with little gifts for big sister and mommy as well. I told Dave to buy the new Daddy a beer - I don't have many crafts appropriate for men yet...

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