Monday, January 5, 2009

A Clean House & GG's Belated Birthday Present

You'll all be quite relieved to know, I'm sure, that my dining room is back to normal after my holiday crafting extravaganza. Even my craft and laundry rooms have been cleaned and organized. With a full 2 weeks off for the holidays, my entire house is in its shining glory. Cupboards are orderly, laundry is all done and put away (yes, a feat that took almost the entire 2 weeks itself), a trip to IKEA provided new candles and rugs - in short, things are all good. For now. I'm sure we'll manage to destroy the order and sparkly clean-ness in no time, but let me revel in it while it lasts...

What to do with a shiny clean crafting room? Well, craft, of course! My grandma ("GG") in Florida did not get the benefits of my new found sewing prowess (ha ha..."prowess") this Christmas....well, not until now. Her birthday falls on December 17th and I am a bit late, but I'm hoping she subscribes to the "better late then never" maxim. I had made her an Emmeline apron back on Mother's Day - as she is one of my few "Mothers" who actually wears aprons all the time. She loved it, and I did too, but the fabric was more of the practical/sturdy/useful variety and I've since wanted to make her an apron with more "pretty" fabric. I planned to do another Obi apron, but the contrasting striped fabric I grabbed at Joann's would not look as nice on a curved hem, so I opted for the Long Pleated Apron from Amy Butler's In Stitches book. I am happy with it.... it went together nice and easy. Well, one seam rip is fairly standard for me when I don't read the entire directions before hand. When will I learn? Check out the towel loop.

Since it had a towel loop, she needed a matching towel, right? The "GG" on the applique is our nickname for my Grandma since some of us grand kids started having babies of our own. ("Great Grandma", get it?). I did the applique trick/cheat I read about here on the Sew Mama Sew forum. Love doing new techniques - especially if they are somewhat sneaky and can help me save time.

I added in some of my most recent pictures of the kids (that BL took back in the fall and I had procrastinated sending) and sent off a package to her in sunny Florida (from the arctic tundra of Minnesota) today. Starting off the new year with a project done and out the door feels fantastic! My other resolutions are doing OK as well... though it is only day 5.. or is it 6? It was almost harder to pull the treadmill out of storage and dust it off than it was to do the 30 minute "wimpy" workout I chose. I also vowed to cut my Internet time... especially when the kids are awake. I need to find a way to read crafty blogs from the treadmill.... then I'll be a bit more motivated AND resourceful. Gotta go, Internet time is up!

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Thudin said...

Excellent top stitching Em - good job! The apron matches your blog theme :)