Monday, January 19, 2009

Brianna's belated birthday and a few more projects

My sister Brianna saw the Pleated Beauty tote I made our littlest sister Lauren for Christmas and wanted one of her own. Well, she already had one, the one I made myself and did not love, due to not following directions (too long and narrow), but she wanted one more functional and where she contributed a bit more. Or, I let her think she contributed. I love Tina Givens fabrics - they are so fun and different. When I found a fabric line named Cloe's Imagination, I knew I wanted to do a project with it. Since my sister's eldest child is named Chloe, I pushed her into loving it as well, and wanting it for her tote. OK, I have a smidge of guilt, but what is not to love? Peacocks? Bird cages? Lady bugs? What more could you want in a tote bag? And while I know that there are other great tote/bag patterns out there, Brianna wanted a Pleated Beauty, so who was I to argue? It is a great pattern and the Bend the Rules Sewing book rocks.

I picked up a 1/2 yard set of 3 fabrics here on Etsy and made her bag this weekend. The only veering from the BTRS book I made (besides accommodating for having 3 different fabrics instead of the 2 it called for) were adding a magnetic clasp, elongating the straps a bit and not pleating the lining. Oh, and I did not add the bottom piece of stabilizer. I used this tutorial from the Craft Apple on adding the clasp and am happy with how easy it was. The magnet itself is so strong that I am glad I interfaced it...I had to almost tear it apart to take the interior shot. I'll see my sister in 2 weeks, so posting it is almost mean, but she'll at least know it is done and waiting for her! Happy Birthday Bree~

Here is the bag...

Here is the inside pocket and clasp.

Since I had red thread on the machine (does that tell you how lazy of a sewer I am?), I was able to do another quick project. My friend Jen liked the dishtowel apron I made for my SIL for Christmas. I had a red coordinating pack of towels left (God forbid I buy just one of something) so I whipped up one for her. I opted to not add a pocket this time around, and I doubled the length of the straps. I think it needs the bow in front or is too plain. I debated about a black ruffle trim, since I had a black dish towel from the pack, but Jen wanted an easy apron she could toss in the wash and not worry about messing up... I figured the ruffles might get wonky after washing... I hope she likes it!

And last, I am almost embarrassed to post this, but I will. (Maybe someday it will help to see how far I've come... or make me wonder why I did not keep going...) I'm sure any hard core (or even soft core) knitters would laugh, but I'm dang happy to have finished 2 wash cloths now! Yes - just a garter stitch, so nothing complicated, but I'm getting the hang of it. I have been using one of the washcloths and it makes me giddy to clean up my messy kids. Yep, ridiculous, I know :) That is ok, so am I!


Melinda said...

I understand your excitment. I feel the same way, especially with a new dishcloth. I love the yarn you used.

Brooke said...

love the bag, and the other stuff too, but what is really impressing me is your product posing and photos!! nice work :)

bborndal said...

I love my new bag! Can't wait to get it!