Sunday, December 28, 2008

few more gift/projects done...

OK, so I lied a bit when I said I was "done" with my Christmas crafting. Not "lie" truly, more like, fudged the truth a bit. There were a few more things I planned to get to and did not in time for Christmas, but seeing that I would not see the giftees until after the holiday, they are really not late.

I attempted mittens for my girlfriend's 2 boys - but they were a disaster due to the stretchy-ness of the fleece, and my own lack of a serger (probably lack of skill too, but I'm going with the serger). When these did not work out so well, I changed things up a bit and went for slipper socks. My mother had made these for Christmas gifts for my sister and I a few years back. Way before I had began sewing in earnest, or at least beyond just hemming curtains. She didn't really have a pattern, but gave me a cut out, unfinished sock as a pattern. I winged it, and eyeballed/shrunk it down to fit a toddler and kindergartner and created these 2 pair. Hope they fit the boys! I'm sure that slipper socks were not high on their Christmas lists, but they should keep their tootsies warm.

The same friend has a baby girl as well. I opted to do a more girly gift, as opposed to the slipper socks. The only fleece I had was in the above referenced "lumberjack" style. Instead, I whipped up an Oliver+S Lazy Day Skirt for Miss Vada - plenty girly, huh? It is pathetic that I want another baby so I can make tiny little skirts for them too? OK, so that is not the only reason, but it sure seems a good one to me!

Last, while not really a gift, I finished up another project for the same friend. She had a quilt made when her daughter was born, and asked if I'd embroider Vada's name and date of birth on it. Only took me like 5 months to do it, SORRY BL! I threw in an Aimee Ray birdy, just 'cause. Oh, and I took the picture before the water I had used to get rid of the water soluble pen had dried, so it looks (and is) wet. It dried just fine! (Black box has been added to protect the innocent:))

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