Saturday, December 27, 2008

Favorite Projects Christmas 2008

I already posted a collage of the projects I did for Christmas, but there were a few that I felt deserved their own post. Not due to my crafting prowess (giggle, snort), but rather to how cool, easy or fun they actually were to do.

*Oh, and just a note I'm not going to bring up the 11 pair of Lounge pants I made in this here post, since I already blogged about the first ones here, but these were definitely fun, cool and easy...last time I'll bring them up, I promise.

First off - the Pleated Beauty bag from the Bend the Rules Sewing book by Amy Karol. I made a version of this a few months ago, using just some scraps I had on hand. Then, I perused the BTRS group on flickr and saw this fantastic fabric combination on one using 2 Tina Givens fabrics. I fell in love and bought them both, then did nothing for a few more months. I decided my little sister needed to have this bag for Christmas, so here it is. It was rather hard to give it up, since I love it so much, but she seemed to really like it!

Next, Dave and I made coat/towel hooks for some family members who have hot tubs and no where to hang their towels. The design was loosely based off a candle holder in the Junk Market Style book. I requested and drew them and Dave hand crafted for me, doing a bit of ad libbing when his and my thoughts did not mesh ("WHAT?" say you? After 10 years together our thoughts do not perfectly mesh? Ha!). He was not truly "into" the handmade effort at first, but I think he was happy with the finished product.

Then, I used a bunch of different tea/dish towel apron tutes I found online, as well as the fantastic one I won from Sara this summer, and came up with a version I liked. It is made from 2.5 dish towels and I plan to use the rest of the 5 pack for another of the same design. It was pretty easy to put together but best of all, it is much more absorbent than aprons from quilting cotton. You can actually dry your hands on it :) It was gifted to my sister in law who watches Griffin for me when I'm at work. I thought it might come in handy with a dozen or so noses to clean up, numerous meals to prepare and tons of art projects to oversee each day.

Last, but not least, I made jammies for my niece, nephew and my own kids. I used flannel for the bottoms, and did a non-technical, made up, reverse applique of their first initial on t-shirts (store bought) on top. Brooke reminded me of this technique we'd saw on all the turkey hand print shirts were floating around crafty blog land leading up to Thanksgiving. I don't know how to really do the applique stuff, but these have been washed a few times now and seem to be holding up great! The kids love having their initials on them and I was thrilled with how easy it was to do...
Here are Oliver, my nephew, and Griffin (with his Spidey gloves) showing off their jams.. (Ollie's are a bit long, but I'm hoping he grows into them soon!)

Rowan and Chloe (niece) love theirs too! Sorry for the crooked angles, I would have had to move off the couch to have gotten a straight on full body shot of the girls.. and as you can see, that was NOT going to happen.

Does every crafter swear to start earlier next year? I am buying a huge bin and starting my 2009 holiday crafting in February. I'd start in January, but I'm planning to work on a lap quilt...which will probably remain in our home as I have some concerns with how well my first quilting venture will go. While I LOVED making all sorts of things for Christmas gifts, leaving it til the end of November was a bit stupid and self defeating. Definitely reminiscent of how I used to write my college papers - the night before they were due, of course!


Brooke said...

luuuuuuv the jammies, yours are adorable.. mine, not so much...

also love the towel racks, well received, I bet!?!

SnottieCootieBuns said...

That bag is awesome! And I agree, the jammies are adorable. Very clever. It almost makes me want to learn how to sew.