Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Letter - 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hello there! I've included a web address on our Christmas card - (photos and layout design by my amazingly talented friend, BTW) so if that is how you got here - Welcome! This is normally where I blog about my crafty projects and kid stuff, but this post is solely intended to give a wrap up of the Thom family's 2008 and visit some of its highlights!

We have had a year filled with home improvements, continued post-secondary education, various crafty endeavors (showcased here in said blog) and our kids growing freakishly fast! It is hard to believe that it is a whole year since we celebrated last Christmas with the entire Borndal family in Cocoa Beach ... but it really is so! Since then we've remodeled a bathroom and built a shed, learned to sew and learned to seam rip and start over. One of us started Kindergarten, while another began working to finish up college. We mourned the passing of our dog Shiloh, and yet celebrated both an election victory (though barely tolerated the election season) and the normal, albeit wonderful, milestones associated with having small children. A crazy, action packed year... where did the time go?

Dave, besides taking on a new role at work, decided it was high time to finish up his undergraduate degree. He only needed a few credits, but due to switching degree programs, this got spread out to a year and a half of school work. In doing the required undergraduate coursework, he simultaneously started coursework towards his Masters as well. He'll wrap up here in the spring with his bachelors and then plans to continue on with a masters program geared towards Corporate Communications in the fall. A bit belatedly, we've both realized the wisdom of completing school prior to having kids. Let this be a lesson to any reader not yet encumbered with mini-monsters - finish NOW if you haven't - just do it! School and the kids, along with work and his music (the Deadwoods are baaaaa-ck!) keep him constantly busy. He does manage to fit in some fishing, hunting and snowmobiling, depending on the season, - so don't feel too bad for him.

Rowan turned 6 and began kindergarten this year. Somehow I lost my toddler girl and developed a Hannah Montana-loving, sassy, drama queen - but I guess that is part of the growing up deal. She danced and played t-ball this past year, and enjoys writing songs with her daddy in the basement. She visited South Dakota with my Mom & step dad and her cousin Chloe this past year and is convinced it is the "best place on earth". Rowan is a chip off the old blocks - embracing Dave and my best qualities... and, honestly, a few of the not so great ones too.. but this is not the time/place for those types of disclosures! She is artistic and caring, a bit bossy and overbearing, but overall has the kindest heart and most inquisitive mind I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

My baby Griffin turned 4 in September. He spends his days acting as various TV or movie characters. His favorites are Indiana Jones, Shaggy (from Scooby Doo), Spiderman and Harry Potter. He has full costumes and gear for all of them and constantly tells us to call him his character name, "Not Griffin!", when he is acting the part. At least we hope he is displaying acting skills -and not multiple personality issues :) He is still a cuddly, sensitive soul who swaps between tackling and wrestling with Dad (and Rowan) and snuggling with his mama over a good book. Griffin goes to his Auntie Vanetta's for daycare 3 to 4 days of the week and is adjusting to many of the kids he has known since birth leaving to start school. He is slowly adapting to this and learning how to be one of the big kids, not just be bossed around by them!

I've enthusiastically embraced the grandmotherly arts of sewing, embroidering, knitting and crocheting this year. Yes, dorky, I know, but somehow very fulfilling and rewarding. I've continued to work part time and am able to be home with the kids the other part of the time. Well, usually not home, but out and about running errands, but you get the picture. Some girlfriends and I visited the East Coast for a long weekend earlier this year and I spent over a week in Duluth this summer crafting and drinking with the Borndal clan while my Auntie Nancy and her girls visited from Texas. I've feel spoiled a bit by my husband, both in his working with me to accommodate my need/desire/want to stay home with the kids a few days, as well as in the various gifts he's given me this year (most importantly a new sewing machine and a new camera). Pretty sure these gifts are bribes so I forget the 3 weeks he spent hunting this year - but it works for us :) Dave and I are still working on how to eek out some time for just us, without kids, but also know that there will be plenty of years for that once they don't want/need us as much as they do now.

We are very lucky that our families are healthy and happy. Dave's parents (who celebrated 50 years of marriage together this year), his 13 siblings and their families along with various canines, felines and birdies, are all well and good. My own sets of parents, grandmother, 2 sisters and brother, as well as numerous cousins, aunts and uncles, are all (truly all of them) doing wonderfully (visit my mom's site here to hear all the goings on at Eagle Lake). Seems I should knock on something as I write this - don't want to be tempting fate, so consider this laptop keyboard "knocked", just in case.

Thanks for taking the time to check in with us! We hope you and yours are all enjoying the holidays and have a very Merry Christmas! Here's to a wonderful 2009.
Emily, Dave, Rowan and Griffin

P.S. I've posted (some are re posts from this blog) some pictures below taken throughout the year as well. Enjoy!

Dave and Rowan at Cocoa Beach last Christmas

Rowan's snowmobile
The Thoms at Cocoa Beach

Rowan riding a pony

Dave entertaining us...as usual.

Griffin...ah, I mean Indiana...

Thom kids and their cousins hanging at the Lake... well, pool at the lake...

Sassy Miss Rowan helping celebrate Oliver turning 3

Jumping on Auntie Lauren's trampoline

Dave and his catch of the day

Rowan in South Dakota
Dave and Griff at the beach

Celebrating Griffin turning 4

Rowan's dance recital

Griff and Miss Shiloh. RIP.

Merry Christmas!
Posing with some cousins...

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SnottieCootieBuns said...

Great letter, Emily. And your card was soooooo cool. Have a great Christmas and we hope to see y'all in 2009. It's my New Year's resolution.