Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tree Cutting Adventure

I guess you could chalk it up to Dave's (unused) Forestry degree, but he does require a "real" Christmas tree each year. I usually appreciate this eccentricity, except when I'm vacuuming up a carpet of pine needles. The pine smell alone makes it worth it though. This morning, after having the easiest holiday we've had in 6 years (since Rowan was born), he brought up going to cut our own tree. We've never done this, but as stated, we were a bit giddy with how good the kids were at Auntie Theresa and Uncle Robb's for Thanksgiving. They honestly played with their cousins for about 6 hours straight with very minimal crying/whining/acting up. It was amazing and liberating. Also a bit sad, since they did not really want much to do with either of us. Big cousins were much cooler than Mom and Dad, for sure.

On this "good kid high", we drove a gazillion miles north listening and singing Christmas music. We passed about 4 other "cut your own tree" places til we found the one Dave had wanted due to their natural growing approach (??) as well as complementary tractor rides. Then we found our perfect tree in a dusty field. We had fun and it was great - except that without snow it was not as pretty as it could have been. Also not as cold as it should have been, so I'm really not complaining!

May have been the start of a new tradition, but Griffin developed hives right before we got to lunch. Not sure what he was reacting to - either the hay we were sitting on in the tractor trailer or possibly the plastic frog he insisted on bringing with that I found in his mouth every other second (latex?). Not sure. He's all good now, but we'll be chatting with his doc this week for sure. (Note: Mom's are still cool when you are not feeling well, so I'm not totally obsolete yet.)

Here are some pics of the tree cutting adventure. Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was great!

Our tree- Griffin named it "Spiderman". Hmmm.

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