Saturday, November 8, 2008

skirts and castles and evil laundry

Rowan was home from school yesterday for yet another preparatory day... not sure what is being prepared for, but they sure will be ready for it. Brooke came over for a bit, bearing Caribou coffee, kids and a cute skirt for Rowie. The kiddies played while we drank coffee and caught up. I got to hold Miss Vada and I'm starting to wonder if I would ever not want to have a baby after holding one? Especially a sweet, adorable and cuddly one? Will I be 90 years old and thinking "Maybe just one more??". That is a bit creepy and gross, but you probably get the idea. Anyway, here is Rowan in the skirt - she loves it!

Yes- fortunately our snow of yesterday did not last. It melted almost immediately! Hooray!

Later in the day I pulled (dragged and pushed) the castle into the house that my friend Rayna and I built at work for our department "Candy Land" display on Halloween. I love when you spend dollar after dollar on electronic, trendy or popular toys for kids and when it comes down to it, they are thrilled to be playing in a large cardboard box. (Yes- yet another "Aha!" moment for me as I get more and more into handmade toys and gifts and begin truly contemplating why we own so much "STUFF"). Griffin, as usual, had to dress the part. He quickly found his knight helmet, breastplate and sword. You'll notice he is trying on his snow boots as well. He is now calling them his knight boots!

Hands on mom that I am (hee hee), I volunteered to be G's damsel in distress, since I thought this could save me from the menacing, evil enemy of unwashed laundry, my personal nemesis. Alas, he wanted Rowan to be a real princess for him. Not me. Oh well. I'm off now to fight some more battles, armed with laundry soap and some Oxy Clean. Wish me luck :)

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Bridget said...

I love love love the skirt! The fabric is fantastic. I used to love it when my little guy dressed up as a knight. Now he's 8 and would rather play pokemon. I miss those days!