Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been wanting to do silhouettes of my kids forever. I've been seeing them all over blog land -and think they are a good combo of old fashion and modern crafty-cool (?? is that a "genre"? Well, for me it is). Alas, I could not figure out how to play with my photo shop to do it- and could not even fathom doing the whole light bulb and shadow tracing plan. For those of you who know me personally, or have one of your own - can you honestly imagine my 4 year old boy sitting long enough for that??? I do not think so. Then I read on one of the crafty blogs I peruse (long list on right) how one of the smart woman blogger (yes - a redundant phrase, but very true none the less) just printed out her profile pictures and then colored them in with a black sharpie. HOW COOL AND EASY. I wish I could remember which blog I read this on - so I could give credit where it is due - but it was a while back and I did a quick search and could not find it again.

I decided to give it a go. I can handle this - or so I thought. Turns out, we are not a household of permanent ink. And note to self: Dry erase markers and photo paper do not mix well. It makes for very messy hands and tables and towels and jeans.... you get the idea. I ended up painting their profiles with black acrylic paint after cutting them out from normal old photos. The paint worked well enough and I love them to pieces. And I really love how I can see my babies in them.

This is while they were drying. You can see the brush strokes and what not here, but not in a bad way when they were actually framed and hung up.

Rowan and I also made some beads from rolled up magazine paper and white glue and strung them to make a necklace. Similar to this method. She wore her necklace to school and can't wait to make more for Christmas gifts.

And yes -just because I made jokes that Dave does not normally "catch" a deer (he laughs at me when I say "catch" but I have an Elmer Fudd vision of hunting in my head) - he did get a big old buck this year. yippe. yeah us. OK - I'm trying hard to find the good things in this (Thanks Martha). I know that they are overpopulated and what not, so the "thinning of the herd" is a good thing. Dave is also donating the hide and some of the meat - which is also a good thing. Finally, I myself will not have to eat it - which is the best good thing.

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Brooke said...

love love love the silouettes (sp) i will copy you next week! can't wait :) rosies necklace is great too!! you are SOOOO CREATIVE wherever do you get your ideas :) they are just excellente!!

i will miss you the next couple days, lets do a craft once I am back... work on getting your mondays back!