Sunday, November 23, 2008

last solo weekend

This weekend was my last as "solo mama". Dave is done with his hunting extravaganza as of today, so I tried to sneak in as much "girly" stuff as I could while he was still gone. On Friday, my mom, sister and I went to see Twilight. I am very pleased with how faithful to the book it was - but it did take a while to get used to Edward wearing more eye makeup than Bella and the extreme pasty white skin on the vamps. I managed to get over it pretty early on and LOVED it overall. Here's to hoping they'll make the other books into movies as well...

Saturday I hooked up with my 2 oldest/dearest friends for pizza, gabbing and some delicious Raspberry Mojitos. Between us, there are 6 kids, none older than 6 years old. Rowan was the only girl, but she warmed up quickly to all the boys and both my kids had a blast. No one truly knows you as well as old friends- and there is probably not a whole heck of a lot that April or Sarah don't know about me. Love that we can go for long stretches without seeing each other and then seem to pick right up where we left off and gab for hours. Miss them though as well, and it takes a night of fun with them to realize just how much. Then I read Agnes and the Hitman when I got home. I stayed up til around 1:30 this morning reading it 'cause it was so dang good. Literally laughing out loud. Good, quick read...I'd recommend it for some fun, light entertainment.

Today I neglected all the laundry and housework to do some sewing. I hauled my sewing machine and ironing board up from the basement where my sewing room is and took over the dining room so that I could be on the same floor as the kids. They kept busy playing Candy Land, Cootie and Elefun while I finished off a few more projects.

Griffin had picked out some brown corduroy for me to make him "Shaggy" pants on Friday. He is currently into the Scooby Doo movies. We've moved on from the Indiana and Spiderman crazes of yesterday and now he really loves Shaggy. He keeps chasing our dog around the house pretending they are running from "Ronstors?? ROh Oh!!" and begging for Scooby snacks. I took just a normal elastic waist pant pattern, traced it on freezer paper and made them more "belled" at the bottom. He loves 'em.... as you can probably tell from the picture!

I then finished a tote that I had cut out a few months back. These were a bit frustrating when I made the other 3 due to the heavy duty fabric, but I managed to finish this without breaking even one needed today. Yes - I'll pat myself on the back for small victories, thank you very much. Think this will be a easy way to package a gift for Christmas this year. (Just noticed that I took the last picture here on the railing as well, so it looks like I could be lying, but I promise it is newly created today...)

I have been meaning to make the Wide leg Lounge Pants from Amy Butler's In Stitches for a while. (yes - I start lots of blogs with this, there are a lot of things to make on my "to do" craft list) I had cut out a pair from some funky 70's thrifted sheets about a month or so back and had just not had time/energy/motivation to finish them. Today I finished them - and then kicked myself for not doing them sooner. The pattern was really easy - I had read other blogs about these that really stressed double sewing a few strategic places and to add elastic to the waist band. I did both on the pants and I love how they turned out. Well, loved how this pair turned out that is.

After drinking a mug of coffee with my dinner I decided to cut out 8 more pair for Christmas gifts. I have been picking up sheets at garage sales and thrift stores all summer and had washed the hell out of them last weekend, so why not? (Let me clarify what "wash the hell out of them means" in case the idea of pants from thrifted sheets give you the heebie jeebies - I washed them with a bit of bleach and soap on the hot water setting not once or twice, but 3 times. I then dried them on the hottest possible settings as well. These babies are clean as they can possible be!) Now that I realized how quick the pants actually go together, I then even opted to sew another one. I should know better than to push it. Notice anything wrong with this pair?

Look closer - maybe this will help...

Yep, the birdies are upside down. Arg. What lucky person will get this pair as a Christmas gift? Maybe I'll have to draw names. Fortunately, these were the only sheets with a real "up" side, so there should not be many other of these types of errors for the other 7 pair. I'm leaving the sewing machine on the dining room table until they are ALL done, since it stresses me a bit to see it there. Good motivation to get 'em done...


Brooke said...

I LOVE birds, even upside down ones :) :) :)

Bassma said...

Thanks Emily. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Your embroidery turned out great! I love Sublime Stitching! Jenny has some great artwork.