Friday, November 7, 2008

Hot Mama Apron

Got my Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron yesterday. Love seeing packages at my door :)
Sue Ann did a great job on my coffee lovin' apron! I really like it - and she sent along coffee, a mug and a creme brulee mix - can't wait to use them all! Thanks Sue Ann - love it! I wanted to take pictures of the apron outside, but it is snowing today - boo. So, I had Rowan (she is only 6 mind you) take a picture for me. Well, I posted it, but don't like my crabby face. (I guess I can't blame her age for my crabby face- or can I? I don't remember being crabby as much pre-children. I guess I don't remember being quite as happy or satisified as much either... though it was easier to get to the bar for cocktails) So I put the apron on Miss Rowan and got you all in blog land a sunnier face wearing the apron as well.

We are going to begin our winter hibernation today by making some caramel corn and chili... and not leave the house for the whole weekend after stocking up at the grocery store. (OK, I exaggerate, but that is what the cold weather does to me at its onset). Dave is soon off to begin deer hunting, or as I truly think, to begin drinking beer with his brothers, dad and nephews. I often wonder why he never brings home an animal from these annual adventures. Is he a terrible shot? Does he secretly love the little Bambi? Has he become too urban and city-like since getting a job requiring tie-wearing rather frequently? Or is he really just playing cards, drinking beer and shooting the breeze? I don't mind regardless- since I don't really like the idea of killing deer (though I get the whole overpopulation thing... blah blah) and will not personally be eating a Venison steak any time soon. Yuck! It is probably better for my marriage for him to think that he is attempting to provide for us... and maybe he will not have to realize that we won't be partaking of his Venison stew!

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Giabella Designs said...

I am truly sorry that it got there so late! I am glad that you like it, it was my first time trying that pattern and I know that it isn't perfect but I did my best!