Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween..

My kids were undecided and wishy washy this Halloween. Neither had a big urge to be any specific person/character, but both were pretty excited to dress up and get candy. Last week we went to "Boo at the Zoo" up in Duluth and they dressed as Hermione and Spiderman. I assumed that we'd do the same on Halloween. Was I wrong. On Friday, Rowan went to school bringing a Ballerina costume - a last minute change but lucky we had the outfit as a birthday gift from her Nana. She was pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. I sent her to school in some fun tights and black dress, and a bag of Chex cereal to make her Jack O Lantern jumble with the rest of the kindergartners. They did the entire authentic Halloween - parade through all the classrooms...spooky costumes and treats galore. I had heard from some of my friends' with kids that schools often have "Fall Festivals" or "Harvest Celebrations". Turns out we have the real deal.

Griffin came with me to visit my co-workers on Friday and he opted for Indiana Jones instead of Spidey. A few weeks back that was all he was interested in, so we had the full ensemble, whip, hat and all. He did ask for some gray hair, cause he wanted to be the "old" Indy, from the last movie. Hee hee. Like his 5 o'clock shadow?

At night, Rowan remained the Ballerina, while Griffin went back to Spidey. We had great weather, so the plan was to do some serious trick or treating. After visiting 3 houses and asking if they had any other candy to pick from, Griffin was brought home by Dad to help me hand out candy and work on his manners a bit. Rowan went til her bucket was full - and had a great time! Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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bborndal said...

At least Griffy knew which kind of cnady he didn't want, right? Joking of course. Gotta love him!