Sunday, November 2, 2008

Girls day in...

Rowan and I spent today together while the boys went to "the land" to cut wood and do other manly things. I'm not sure what that entailed, but Griffin had to bring his Indiana Jones whip, a large Tonka dump truck and a baggy of cereal with. Miss Row and I did a bit of shopping, a bit of crafting and a some snuggling.

First - we ran to Half Priced Books to get rid of some of the books that are overtaking my house. Dave is not of the opinion that kids should be reared on books, books and more books. Well, that sounds harsh... he likes them, he just does not think that the house should overflow with them. He is the one to read to them nightly and enjoys a good Civil War book himself from time to time. His comment/complaint last week that there are baskets of books in every room of the house pushed me to make my rookie attempt to sell some of them today. While I love having them all over the house - it makes me smile to see them and think of the characters and plots....AND I do actually re-read things quite frequently (between library trips or when I am trying hard to not buy as many new ones)...I could not escape the fact that things were probably getting a bit out of control. I did not do too bad selling them- made enough to buy a few new ones (hee hee... defeats the purpose I know) and had cash in my pocket when we left the store. Rowan got a very cool book about kids crafting (100 Things for Kids to Make and Do), and we got Griffin one titled Dog Heaven. It is by Cynthia Rylant and after 2 readings tonight, he has a new favorite. It is a great book and is already helping him with losing Shiloh a few weeks back.

We then ran to Kinko's to print out some new pictures in large, legal paper size for my re-purposed window frame - a great garage sale find from Brooke a few years back. I had not updated the shots in the window frames in a few years - so I am excited to finally have it a bit more timely. I left the two bottom corner shots - and updated all the rest today.

Then we got home and "built" a Dalmatian for our great nephew's First Birthday (which was last weekend, and yes, I said "Great Nephew". I feel so old when I say that). Rowan had found the Dalmatian print fabric at Joann's yesterday, so I used the Hedgehog softie as a guide and came up with this guy. Landon will probably love to pull on the ears, tail and tongue - hopefully it holds up and doesn't pose a choking threat. Rowan cut out the tongue, paws and sat on my lap during a portion of the sewing.... quite the little crafter :)

Last, we cuddled up and watched the newest Netflix arrival - The Game Plan. Cute and a bit mushy - we both cried a smidge. Great girly day!!

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