Thursday, October 9, 2008

new kid pics and a long explanation of their significance

My friend Brooke is an amazing photographer. OK, she is pretty amazing, period, but her photography is really something special. She has taken my kids' picture the past few years, as well as some family shots of all of us. Now that my monsters are just now turning 4 and 6, it was time for new photos. I'm totally stealing pics from her blog to show how cute they turned out... (she said it was fine, I promise). I met her at the Gammel Gardens last weekend, where she has taken pics before, but I'd never been. Turns out the park was kitty corner from the church where Dave and I had our first date. Odd sounding, isn't it? There is really a good explanation for that as well. Well, maybe not a good explanation, as much as a long, drawn out story that will truly add context to the photographs. I promise.

So, my college roommate and best friend Sarah R (I'm giving last initials for a reason, it gets complicated) and I were invited to a former roommate and friends wedding - that would be Sarah M (well, C now, and R is T now, but that is getting WAY too convoluted to dig much more into now... try answering the phone in college "Which Sarah do you want?" "You mean there is more than one??").

Anyways, Sarah R was in the wedding of Sarah M, and I was invited as a guest. I was at the tail end of a long drawn out break up with a former boyfriend, and did not really have a date,. So, I told Sarah R to go ahead and have her new boyfriend Terry, bring one of his buddies, Dave. We thought Terry would feel more comfortable that way, since Sarah R was in the wedding party and he would spend some time alone. I knew others at the wedding, and didn't really have anyone on the horizon, so I did not really care either way. OK, that is a bit of a lie, I was curious if this guy "Dave" would be cute... and I had heard he could sing, but honestly wasn't expecting much. Well, 9 years, a marriage and 2 kids later, I guess you could say it turned out well!

Why am I going into all this? Well, Brooke took amazing photos of the kids in front of that church too, besides just the gardens, and because of this long, drawn out tale, they are even more meaningful to me. It was a great surprise to see my kids on her blog today - especially since I was having a tough day. Thanks bl! Here are some of the pics... I love them!

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