Sunday, October 12, 2008

long overdue projects and bad photos of them

Just to follow up some really fantastic photos with some really crappy ones, I thought I'd post about finishing some long overdo projects this weekend. OK, normally my pics are not great even on my camera, but they at least show somewhat accurate colors and what not. Dave is in Germany until Wednesday, and I borrowed him my camera for the trip, so to show you the wonders of these overdue tasks, I was left with only my phone. Sorry - but you've been warned.

First off - the bathroom! About 3 years ago, our master shower leaked a bit, so Dave tore it up to try to diagnose what was wrong. A mere 3 years later, we now have a re-done master bath! We had someone come and do the tile work, which does not show up at ALL in this picture, but is cool. Little octagon tiles for the floor and subway style tiles for the shower. We had stalled out 2 weeks ago on the painting, but I waited up for Dave's transatlantic call til 2:30 am this morning, so I got the final bit of painting done. Today, armed with a level laser thingy, a hammer, those plasticy drywall thing a ma jigs and a screwdriver, I hung up the towel bar, mirror and hooks. It needs some personal touches still (and a light switch cover - I inadvertently bought the 2 switcher when I needed the 3 switcher), but we can at least use it now. The good news? Well, besides having my own bathroom again? The light my mom bought me last October for my birthday works perfect in here!! (But I just noticed that you cannot see it at all in this picture. Oops~)

I decided to dust off the yarn and crochet hooks this weekend as well, since Rowan wants to be Hermoione this Halloween and needs a striped scarf. On my funky light up crochet hook (who doesn't need to crochet in the dark?) I found a purple skull hat that I had started last winter. I still struggle working in rounds, but I finished it up. Don't look close at the flower - I winged it. I have a cracked fingernail that was bothering me so much I could not even get up and find a proper book on how to do a "hdc" or other fancy things that the free online flower pattern called for. I just wanted to finish it up, and Rowan would not let it be finished until it had a flower. I told Rowan she could only wear it for fun.... since it was more a practice hat than anything else. It still looks cute on her though!

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SnottieCootieBuns said...

The bathroom looks great! I get very jealous when I walk into my own bathroom and see the lovely gray & mauve flooring and light pink tub/shower & toilet. We're rockin' the 90's here. And I thought the flower looked just fine, but I mostly noticed the cute redhead.

So sorry to hear of Shiloh.