Thursday, October 2, 2008

a little bit of personalized heaven

I arrived home to a package at the door today. This always makes my day, regardless what is inside, but today was extra special. Tomorrow, I'm turning the big 3-4. Yes, not a momentous day, but still a celebration none the less. So.... back to the story. There was a package that was not entirely unexpected, since my Aunt Nancy in Texas mentioned she had picked up a little something for my big day. Well, she said she picked it up cause she knew I'd love it and then when it turned out to be my almost birthday, she thought "Even better!!".

One final preface before you can see it - I'm a royal, class A sucker for personalization. I was the kid at school that LOVED having pencils with her name on them. I always felt bad for my little sister, who was (is) a Brianna way before anyone else was. She would have had to settle for the "Brian" key chains, with a marker adding the extra "na", if she was ever to have personalized stuff. Lucky for me, Emily, while nowhere near as popular as it is today, was usually next to the "Edith's", "Ethel's" and other Grandma names, so I could always find a shot glass or license plate. If there is ever an "e" on anything I will swipe it up quick even today.

OK, lots of build up, I know. Check this out....

Just a close up on the "o"...She got it at an annual craft show down in Texas. You pick out what letters you want and then they frame them there for you on the spot. She said that there were color and black and white versions, and there are a few different versions of each letter to pick from, in case you have same letters in your desired word/name and want them to differ. Their website, just in case you are interested, can be visited here.

I love LOVE love this. In fact, I've been aimlessly walking around my house with it trying to find the perfect place to hang it. Thanks Nance! Now, I'm off to find a coin to scratch off my birthday lottery tickets from my mother in law.


Thudin said...

Em - you are spoiled rotten! Nancy- what a fun gift - it's a good thing they have a short last name - a longer one might get too confusing!!

SnottieCootieBuns said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Very cool picture. I loved the "chool", too. My grandma had one of those - she always sat on it in her kitchen when talking on the phone. (But it wasn't as fancy as yours is.) :-)