Monday, October 27, 2008

hot drinks for hot mamas.... apron swap

I feel a big old sense of accomplishment/relief because I got my Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas apron swap package out the door. OK- so is it THAT great that I got it mailed ON the actual due date and not before? And only finished sewing the buttons on last night at 10 pm? Well, it was still on time, so I'll mark it in the "good girl" column for today.

A bit of background, setting the stage, if you will. Yes, I joined another sewing swap...where I make something for total stranger with only a few hints to guide you as to their likes/dislikes, etc. For those thinking it is a bit odd... maybe...I did wonder this time around why I was procrastinating and not starting on the homemade gifts I'd like to make for family and friends this Christmas. But, honestly, I had more fun this time around - more so than my past 2 swaps where I needlessly spent the majority of time stressing if my partner would like my creation (specifically the fabric choice) and if they would laugh at my sewing skills - or lack there of. Then I thought about it and decided it could be a lot worse - seems that there are a few people who just don't get their swap package each round of these, so my rookie attempts are probably better than nothing! This swap had a fun premise - each of us told what types of hot drinks we like and we based the apron on the choices of our partner. My partner indicated she liked caramel coffee, apple cider and hot chocolate... oh, and her favorite color was orange. (Yes - if she happens to stop by to visit my blog before her apron arrives, then I gave it away just there, but what are the chances??)

Anyway... I chose a orange fabric with some great brown stripey stuff for the trim. I had been eyeing this McCall's apron pattern (I chose view A - Posie's Kitchen) for awhile, and am so glad I got it for this swap. Yes - I swore a bit when the pocket went on in the wrong location the first go around, and maybe I almost forgot to add the ruffle, or "flounce" as it was referred to on the package. All in all, it was pretty easy and looks good. Not perfect - I went a bit crazy making sure that the pocket would not tear off- and was using brown thread, so that part looks a bit wonky... but pretty good none the less. Better than no apron at all, right? Next time around, I'd probably do the orange for the contrast and the striped for the main material. I hemmed and hawed on this, but opted to err on the side of orange, since that was a declared love. I hope my partner likes it! Disclaimer - while I usually do not take good pics, the color here was a bit kooky. I think if I stopped finishing things when there is no chance of any natural light at all, things may begin to look better... or Dave could just give in and get me a new camera.

Now - I only have one more swap before I tuck into making those things for people I have met face to face....So many projects, so little time...


Bassma said...

Hi Emily,

I got my package and I LOVE it!!! :D

Thank you so much for everything in there. I loved finding a package waiting for me, and I love the apron, the orange and the brown trim! Very cool.

I blogged all about it here:

I love your blog by the way, you've got an awesome style. I think I'll keep checking back. :)

Thanks again!

Yarni Gras! said...

Your apron you made is LOVELY! Orange is one of my fav colors too so it just screams HAPPY to me :-)
I think you deserve the 'good girl' column!
I hope you join my next Hot Mama swap :-)