Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hedgehogs and lazy day skirts

I've been meaning to post pictures of the skirts I made Rowan for her birthday a few weeks back, but have not been home in the "light" where I could take decent photos. Somewhat unfortunately, Griffin is sick today with a stomach flu, so I am home with him alone. The good news is that I was able to take pictures of the skirts as well as make him a snuggly pal to cuddle with when he is feeling icky... Really no lasting bad news either since he has been his normal self after a bit of morning puking.

I wanted to do something homemade for Rowan for her birthday... and found the Oliver + S Lazy Day skirt pattern pattern mind you. I came upon it after reading about it on Soule Mama... a great blog I peruse frequently. (I recently bought her book it a lot). Anyways, I whipped up 5 of these in an afternoon using fabric I had in my stash...I'd been dying to use the navy owl fabric. Why only 3 skirts in the pictures, you ask? One did not turn out at all (fabric was shiny and slippery - and I'm not talented enough to overcome the issues that arose)... and one I made for Brooke's Vada in a mini size. It matches the brown one with the Brady Bunch trim I picked up at a great garage sale this summer. They were very easy and I loved the ribbon trim - it was a great way to finish the edge with out hemming!

Onto the "softie". Seems in crafty world, the term "stuffed animal" is obsolete - and "softie" has taken over. Maybe because they are not all animals? Not really sure. Regardless, I have been meaning to try my hand at this, and I found a really cute hedgehog on the Molly Chicken blog. Honestly, my kids are not necessarily overly enamored with hedgehogs - I'm not really sure they even know what they are, but it was a good beginner project for me. I enlarged the measurements to make it a bit more hug able... and only made the pocket work from the front. (If you can't tell from the pictures, there is a pocket the entire size of the bottom fabric on both.). Here are pictures of Hedgy and Hedgette frolicking in the yard while Griffin naps. Their stuffing is a bit lumpy now, but I think it will balance out with some serious hugging and love.

Ack - I think I accidentally posted without pictures first. Sorry for those that get this via email...


Bassma said...

oohh, cute skirts. I might have to make some up for myself! :)

Anonymous said...

your skirts turned out beautiful. love that you made a few. (i stumbled across your blog via the oliver + s flickr group - i'm thinking about making a few of the lazy days skirts...)