Friday, October 24, 2008

belated birthday - Rowan is 6

I can't believe it. Over 6 years ago, I became a mama and discovered how crazy and amazing parenthood is. Things are still crazy, but I feel I've gotten either a) a better grip on being a mom or b) developed a tough skin and don't let the small stuff (laundry, mud, markers on my furniture) get to me anymore. Probably a bit of both. I don't miss those first new months of parenthood - as wonderful as they were. I vividly remember Dave and I both fake sleeping through her "start up"cries - you know, the little bitty cry that could develop into either into a crisis, or fade to nothing within seconds? We both would stay totally still, knowing whoever twitched first would have to get up and take care of the baby if it developed into trouble. That was before I realized that as mom, I'd probably end up doing most of the baby related work. IF not, I would re-do whatever baby related task Dave had not done quite to my specifications anyways :)

So, back to the topic - we had Rowan Terese 6 years ago this month. I guess it comes with the territory - she has started school, she loves High School Musical, she rolls her eyes at me all the time when I say "dumb" stuff - my girl is growing up. Since her Daddy was in Germany, we were fairly low key on her actual birth date - celebrating with her pal Grady at Space Aliens. This past weekend we went to Duluth to visit all her grandparents, and each set had a special dinner and treat for her - Chinese and a Hannah Montana cake at Grandma Carole's, and Tacos and smiley face cup cakes at Gouma's and Bumpa's house.

Thought I'd share a few pics from her 6 years on earth :) They did not load in order so you'll jump around a bit. Also - I'm sure a few of the pics were taken by others - mainly Brooke. This is my generic photo credits - if they are good, she took 'em!

Here she is at Gouma's - in her Hermione shirt after visiting the "Boo at the Zoo" in Duluth.

Fourth of July in 03...

2005 - when she was 3

Last year on her 5th birthday...

Loved this pic - this is probably 2004

Halloween 2003

2003 in Gouma's sink

Only 4 weeks old here...

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