Monday, September 1, 2008

Sassy apron swap...

I got my "sassy apron" out the door on Saturday morning for the swap I joined (link on right side) - with a few days to spare from the deadline. With the best of intentions, I had planned on tracing an apron that my Great Aunt made for my Grandma and then make my own pattern to "build" for the swap. As as I got closer to my deadline, (and not yet started) I opted to go with a tried and true favorite. The Emmeline Apron - you know, the one I made for all the mom's in my life at Mother's day. I found some fun fabric at my favorite fabric outlet- a red/yellow/orange batik for one side (fall leaves, anyone?) and a fun lime on the reverse. I had thought of adding bright orange pumpkin pockets to the lime side, but thought that would make it almost too Halloween-y and not very useful for the rest of the year. Since my swap partner declared a love of bright colors - I'm hoping that the lime and purple combo won't scare her unnecessarily.

The swap dictated (in addition to a fall sassy apron) an oven mitt or hot pad as well - so I reconstructed a kitchen towel into a pad/mitt with a bit of ruffle to match the apron. Honestly, I was more scared of the hot pad requirements, since I've never done something like this. I have a pattern for a quilted hot pad in one of my books, but my partner is a true quilter, and I did not think my rookie attempt to quilt should be done for this swap. So, the mitt itself was designed using one of my own oven mitts as a loose pattern. Nothing great of fancy, and I just noticed that it looks (and is) a bit wonky and crooked in this picture- but it is practical and hopefully will actually protect a hand from heat:)

I'm pleased with how much easier this Swap was for me, and how the apron actually went together. I'm getting a bit quicker and straighter in my stitches - and I think I'm understanding my machine better as well. I'm glad I didn't risk a new homemade pattern on a swap, but I do plan on making my own version of Great Aunt Mary Ann's apron in the next few weeks! I'll be sure to make it plenty Sassy!

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Melinda said...

I received my apron today and I love it! Thank you so much. The hot pad it also great and I can't wait to try the recipe. Thank you so much.