Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a night out...

Dave and I went out with some friends this past Saturday night. Wait - should I say it louder? It is only the 2nd weekend I remember doing something without children this summer, so maybe it deserves all caps? WE WENT OUT THIS WEEKEND!! I don't want to yell AT YOU, just to yell in joy.

We went to a party at a co-workers house where a ton of our other co-workers had gathered. Dave brought his guitar and I brought some vodka and red bull. We had a fun time - though it turns out that, for me at least, the less frequently you imbibe in alcoholic beverages, the worse you seem to feel in the morning. (Note to self: It is also painful to get up only 4 hours after getting to bed, and when your alarm is not a clock, but little voices arguing over a fast food restaurant toy. )

Now, as indicated above, it is rare for Dave and I to have a night out together. I should probably take the time to acknowledge those that helped us get there. First off, our friend Kim (a.k.a Griffin's "My Kim") chauffeured us to and from the party - Thanks Gierks!! We were thrilled to wake up at our own home, instead of staying in a dewy tent many miles away, and then dragging our tired butts home. Next, my sister made the drive down from Duluth to watch the chillies. The kids love when she comes - since she brings a cousin of each gender for them to play with. Thanks Bree! Am I forgetting to thank anyone else? Oh - the lovely lady who sold me my Grey Goose at the Liquor store. And a final THANKS to my friend Betsy at the party for making a TDF beer cheese dip. Yummy. I think that about covers it!

I received an email today with over 150 pictures taken at the party. (Notice I'm not thanking the photographer? Just photographic evidence of my silly behaviour.) I'm afraid that some of the pics may come back to haunt me, but I edited wisely and chose just a few to post here. Hope everyone else had a fun weekend too!

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SnottieCootieBuns said...

Awwhhh..what a cute couple! Good for you for hittin' the town and partying like a rockstar. I hate to admit it, but I had to record SNL and watch it later 'cuz I couldn't stay awake. So sad.

Love the blog.