Monday, September 1, 2008

Garage sale finds - Summer '08

I've been meaning to blog with the pics of my favorite garage sale/thrift store finds this year. Now that Labor day has come and gone, I think it is probably past time to actually do it. Here we go... Remember, some of these items will come back to haunt us all in the future when I do whatever crafting and/or re purposing of them to make something new :)

First up is a coca cola wood box that I actually got from foraging in my grandma's garage. I've got it placed in my entry way with a lovely bowling pin inside. (yes - I am a bit kitschy and my decor does not please is ok if this scares you!) Grandma also gave me boxes of old vinyl albums that I was going to make bowls with until I read how hazardous and terrible for the environment it is to melt them. Now they may just serve as wall decor in the band room.

Not a good picture - but I found some old (could we say "vintage"?) sheets at a thrift store that I plan on making pj pants with from Amy Bulter's In Stitches book. I think I'll be able to make at least 2 adult pair and the sheets were only $1 each and in GREAT shape.

This looks odd - but I've been searching and searching for a souvenir tablecloth to make a skirt like the one in the Sew What? Skirts book. Unfortunately, I have not found a cloth for anywhere near a reasonable price, but I did find a dish towel that reminded me of it. I think that while I may not have this skirt any time soon, Rowan will. I'm not sure if she'll like it as much as me (England on her bum?) but she will sure look cute!
Next- a broken ladder turned blanket rack. Dave HATES it, but I think it is fun. Thus far, Griffin has not attempted to climb it as he acts out his Indiana Jones stunt work either - BONUS!

These patterns were a quarter a piece - I haven't decided if I am going to try to actually make the apron and leisure suit/dress, or if I should just frame the packaging to decorate my craft room walls!

Box of hoops - I've been making a stab at embroidering hoops lately, so finding these for a deal was sweet! I love the oval shapes...

Fabric, fabric and more fabric. My aunt, grandma and I hit the mother load at one sale and found a whole room of a church devoted to fabric and sewing notions. This just shows part of the bargains I went away with - but I LOVE the Swedish looking ribbon, the lacy pillow cases (that will be pj's for Rowie) and the floral fabrics... all pieces are at least a yard and washed up great. I think I probably paid $4 for this entire basket of treasures...

My aunt found the floral trays (underneath the scarves below) and they were 6 for a dollar. She generously shared 2 with me - well, only after I found that she had stolen my embroidered table cloths.. but share she did. The silk (or "silk like") scarves were a quarter a piece and look adorable in Rowan's hair. I think that they would make great purse handles too.... more crafting to come :)

Alas, we are drawing to a close yet another season of garage sale-ing. It is now time to turn full force to the thrift stores!!

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