Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

AAK! My big girl started kindergarten today. It seems just yesterday she was like this:

And now she is like this.... Notice she is wearing her little brothers' sandals so she "doesn't forget about him". She has the kindest heart - and a 5 years old girls habit of being very sentimental and finding meaning in EVERYTHING. Surprisingly we only fought for 20 minutes over her clothes this morning- which she did pick out herself last night. Oh well, she may be a big girl, but she has definitely got her own opinions. Someday I'm sure that will be a more admirable trait, right? She was not nervous at all - but mom was a basket case. I was at the dreaded Wal Mart at 11 pm looking for a water bottle and personal Kleenex packs. Then I packed and repacked her backpack a few times. Then the waterworks started... when did she get so dang big??

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Thudin said...

I can't believe Miss Rosie is in school - seems like yesterday.....you know the rest!

You're doing a lot of posting and no one is commenting. Here you go. I love the apron swap apron, it turned out cute. Neutral about your idea for sheets to be pants (sounds weird) Like the fabric bargain. That's about it.