Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Fest Fun

The kids and I met up with friends today at the Fall Fest in Columbus. With a combined 10 kids between the ages of 3 months and 6 years, you know that much fun was had. They loved seeing the fire trucks & various farm animals, going on pony rides and having their faces painted. We made it all the way to the corn on the cob, which was dang near nap time, but then Griffin hit the wall and we headed home. The good news? I did not flush my phone down the toilet (like I did last weekend. More detail about that at Brooke's blog). The bad news? Griffin cried about leaving his friends the whole 15 minute ride home. It is nice that he is so much more interested in playing WITH kids instead of doing his own thing, which usually involves antagonizing other kids... he is definitely growing up.

Grady and Sophia on the fire truck...

Rowie and Grady on the back of the truck... Griffin and the goat
Rowie on her pony Flash.
Corn on the cob for all... well, except for Veda.

Cash and his corn
Rowie and Kendall in the face painting line.

Rowie the Cat girl.
"Smile with your corn kids!"

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