Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Chool" redo

You know those 50's style chair/stool combinations? I'm calling it a "chool", for ease (and because I like to say it). I've seen 2 versions of the chool out in the world- one where you lift up the chair seat and there are 2 steps underneath, and one where the stool steps actually pull out and forward from under the seat. I love both chool types- being the junky nostalgic that I am. I was lucky enough to find one of the first sort at a garage sale for $2 this summer. (Notice I say "lucky", Dave would beg to differ and probably say he was "cursed" that I found it). The vinyl seat was torn and the step tread unglued, but otherwise it was in decent shape. The chool was the beloved avocado color from decades ago... which actually looks OK in my eclectic house. I did a bit of online searching to find vinyl to replace the torn seat, but then discovered iron on vinyl stuff that you just iron to normal fabric. What will they think of next? I had some fabric that I've been hoarding that matched the green perfectly. I gave the chool a good scrub and then reattached the seat with the new cover. Not perfect, the iron on vinyl is a bit shiny for my liking, but I think it looks much better. As a bonus, it is the exact height of our bar height kitchen table, so it will serve as an extra chair that we can pull up to the table in a pinch.

Here is the chair in the garage sale condition. I had to have Rowan hold the top of the stool on, because I had already started taking it apart when I remembered I wanted to capture a "before" picture.

And now the "after"...better, right?

Griffin/Indiana likes it. Well, he didn't like it when he thought it was a "time out" chair, but when I explained it was an Indiana Jones chool, he was game to pose for a picture. I know, I'm going to a bad, hot place for telling him things like this, but real live parenting is a lot harder than it looks on TV...sometimes you do what works. Plus, look how cute he looks...


Brooke said...

super cool chool! love the chandelier print :)

Yarni Gras! said...

love the print....and yes, I remember those things....I actually like them too! :-)