Thursday, September 11, 2008

belated crafts...and Auntie Nancy

It is a bit belated...but I finally got around to posting some of the pictures of crafts we did while my Aunt was visiting from Texas this summer. First off, a quick disclaimer... "Aunt" seems, somehow, to give an impression of a matronly, gray-haired, bee-hived old women wearing floral dresses and sensible shoes. My Aunt Nancy is none of the above...she is only 10 years my senior, was my Matron of Honor in my wedding and brought me to get my first (only) tattoo the year I turned 18.

Now - with that out of the way... a bit of background may be useful. Nancy comes "home" for a few weeks each summer (where she has not "lived" for over 15 years,but we still call it her home) and we plan all sorts of crafty adventures to partake in while she is here. One year, we commandeered my Grandma (her mom) and painted my living room (yes - it has dreaded vaulted ceilings) and stairwell as well as "enameled" the pantry cupboard. My grandma has not forgiven us for sticking her up on the ladder to paint the tall spots. Last year, we attempted to do some serious landscaping and update (read: DESTROY and REDO) the 5 rock gardens at my home. They were ugly and had came with the house, and I thought with her added muscle we could get them "pretty", but the red lava rock beat us in the battle, and we only fixed up one rock bed. I think that after the rocks beat us, I made her climb the extension ladder and paint my house a bit too.

This year, with last years defeat still smarting, we opted for smaller, more "feasible" projects. We made tons of tote bags from the Sew Mama Sew tute out of clearanced tablecloths, soda pop top bracelets for the kiddies and spoon bracelets from my Granny's antique silverware. We also spent some time stitching - I ended up giving her my beloved Doodle Stitching book so she could discover the joys of funky embroidery, and we both bought tons of hoops from garage sales to practice on. Here are some pics of our endeavors!

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