Thursday, August 21, 2008

where did the time go?

I've been seriously neglecting my blog here - I've had some vacation, then a faulty modem and now a faulty cable (I may have dug through the Internet cable planting some new perennials). thought I'd share a few thoughts before I bombard you all with the crafty projects that we've been working on :) These will be be posted in the days to come - once I find my damn camera again. Have I mentioned ( a million times) I need a new one? (*hint hint* in case my hubby is perusing this and wondering what to get me for the big 3-4 coming up in October)

Mostly I have spent the end of July and beginning of August with family and friends. Stayed with my dad, step mom and lil sis in Duluth. My Aunt was home for 3 weeks, so I did as many things with her before she headed back to Texas. We did plenty of garage-saleing, sewing and jewelery making - which I'll post about later. Let say it was a crafty month - with a large portion of my extended family being roped into soldering, beading, drilling or ironing. Last weekend was one of my rare ones away from my kids - we spent time at my sister and brother in laws cabin (had a BLAST), and then Dave played a gig in Princeton benefiting Breast Cancer.

I also spent some time at the lake.... kids had a blast!! I'll try to get to replying to some emails and comments :) I'll post pics soon!

Lastly, without Internet to buy fabric, I'm on a mad scramble to finish my apron for the Sassy Apron Swap. Partner loves brights - so bright she will get. I think I'm sticking with the Emmeline, just cause it is easy and adorable. More to come!!