Monday, July 28, 2008

Wee Woods & Totes (complete!!)

We had Brooke's little ones over on Friday - it took all of 2 minutes for me to fall totally in love with Miss Vada. She is a dolly - and a perfect child. I have been smitten with Cashen for a while, but his dimples won me over even more after hanging out with him for a few hours. (Note - Griffin was home as well, but you won't see him in the pictures below. He was not very thrilled to share his toys or have his sister take care of (read "Pay attention to") other kids. I am pretty sure during the times that these photos were taken he was spending some quality time in the time out chair...)

Here are the girls hanging out. Rowan was so excited to hold Vada. Vada makes Rowan look a bit ghostly, huh?

Here is Cash giving me the winning grin - dimples and all.

Maybe she didn't want me to take any more pictures?

Almost smiling - I promise she did give me some true smiles :)

Last, I just wanted to post photo proof that I finished the final SMS totes I had started for my girlfriends Jen and Kim awhile back. These were made from the fabric that I ran out to buy after seeing this tute on the Sew Mama Sew site. I was in a hurry... Why? What was the hurry? I would have stated at the time that it was to make the bags as quick as possible. I was so excited to find the PERFECT tote bag pattern after searching and searching. I guess, that is not a very valid excuse now, due to the fact that I just finished them today. OK, where was I? OH, I was in a hurry, so I ran to Hancocks. Not my normal fabric stomping ground... that is my only excuse, I guess. I honestly didn't even look at the price - just found "home decorator weight" fabric and ran to the cutting station. I learned my lesson - 4 yards and $100 later I fled to my car with an open, gaping mouth and a rubbery wallet. I could see paying some serious ching for this or this, but not for a kinda cute fabric (cutest of the not so cute) to be used for grocery bags or hauling library books. Oh well - lesson learned - at least I was able to gift them and not feel guilty about keeping all the fabric to myself. I'll be making my next batch of these bags out of the clearanced tablecloths I picked up at a Target endcap last week. I'm sure that will help balance out the fabric budget I've allotted myself.

Anyways - back to the totes. They ate about 8 needles in the making - but after a quick lesson from the Viking sewing ladies (impromptu and hilarious, BTW) and learning to slow down a bit with the "driving" of my machine (OK, slowing down a lot), they are finally finished. Not perfect, but I think they'll make fine beach bags though the girls only have a month or so of summer left for beach time here in the arctic tundra we call Minnesota. Enjoy them while you can! I guess they could carry snowmoble helmets in the offseason??

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Thudin said...

Rosie looks so old - I'm not liking that.... Brooke's kids are sweeties. I like the totes, I'm sure Jen and Kim will too. I also think you should make your mother one out of the second "this" fabric. Great vacation bag.