Friday, July 11, 2008

SMS totebag & swap

Just finished this tote from the Sew Mama Sew blog site. Great pattern/tutorial! It was my first attempt at french seams... they went well. (Note- that does not mean that I don't want/need a serger though....) I had a bit of difficulty with the weight of the fabric and top stitching the top hem with the handles. After double folding the hem and tri-folding the handles, I think I was trying to get through 9 layers of fabric. Had to actually hand sew portions of it, after breaking about 4 needles and hearing my sewing machine "groan". I'm not a fan of handsewing (since my stitches look so terrible), so I even pulled out my old machine that I was never so careful/cautious with (see the capri sun purse for proof of my blatant disregard for the machine), and it would not go through all those layers either! In the future, I'll use a bit lighter weight fabric - but I've got 4 more of the bags cut from these fabrics ready to go, so I may be adjusting the pattern a bit when sewing and hemming the top. Any ideas out there?

I was greeted on my doorstep with a package slip from the post office on Wednesday -and just got to the post office today. Hooray for my swap partner's fantastic placements and napkins! Red with white polka dots, aqua and brown strips and red pom poms - I am in LOVE with them. I set them up in the picture below in the kitchen to show how cute they look with my eclectic decor - they are perfect! Then, since I don't want R and G to destroy them, I set them up with my teal chargers in the more formal (ha ha) dining room and they are wonderful there too. Thank you Lynette!

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Thudin said...

Cute tote Em - Also like your new placemats -