Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Skirt Sew Along

With only 2 days to spare, I finished my skirt for the Monkey Foot Designs and Stacy Sews Skirt Sew-Along. I actually had already made a skirt for the Sew-Along a week or so ago using the Angry Chicken's 5 minute skirt tute. Unfortunately, I used a skirt that did not really fit well as a pattern. I had also used a lightweight silky leopard print for fabric - all I could find to use from my fabric stash in a pinch that I knew would be held up by FOE (Fold Over Elastic). If FOE is foreign to you (as it was to me a short 2 months ago) picture the stretchy band holding up your underwear... you can see why I needed the fabric to be lightweight. Although the FOE did its job and the leopard print was surprisingly cute, the skirt itself ran a bit small. While I tried to make it work by wearing larger and larger black shirts over/above it, I've now given up and may be gifting it to my littlest sister. Lauren, don't be surprised if you find a little silky leopard number coming your way soon.

The Sew-Along deadline of July 31 still loomed over me so I was on to plan B. I have had the Sew What Skirts book for awhile, but have been too intimidated to draft a pattern. It involved some math and actually writing down my waist and hip measurements. Neither things were something I was looking forward to - though the math bothered me less than owning up to the fact that my waist and chest measurements seem to have swapped places since having children. But fashion can be painful, so I pressed onward. Turns out it took all of about 6 minutes to measure, compute and draw and another 2 minutes to cut out an A-Line skirt pattern that fit PERFECT. I know - Sew What? (hee hee - don't mind me, I'm laughing aloud at my witty punny self.) Personally, I've not been much of a skirt girl lately, maybe years of living in a pleated polyester one during high school burned me out. BUT now that I was able to make a skirt with a waist where I wanted it (dropped extra low) and a length short enough to work well for my gangly 5'2.75" self (hits right at the knee), I am a convert. I could wear this every day AND it only took about an hour to put together after drafting the pattern. I'm especially proud of the side zipper - only my second one that actually works!! Bonus!

Brooke took a picture for me to post (notice she handed off Vada to me?)... how lucky am I to have professional help in the photo department?? I was so hoping she could shave a few pounds off for me ... and while she could not shave off a few calf inches, she does seem to do wonders with my kids dirty mugs and mitts when she shoots them.

Oh - and one more quick thought outside the sewing realm. If you've noticed, my "latest read" section on the left side here has grown a bit. Recently, I read the House of Night series as well as the latest Artemis Fowl book. I debated adding these to my book list, since the target audience for all 4 books is probably somewhere between 12 and 17 years old, but decided what the heck... they were all great books. I highly recommend all 4 - to you or your closest teenage family members!


sara said...

You know I love your blog, and so, an award for you at The Plaid Post .

Lucy said...

Wow. I am impressed. I didn't read the whole post. No time for reading today but love the skirt. I have seen it pop up all over the place and the one you made is one of my favs so far. You made it well. It hangs right. Looks professional. I am really going to have to make myself one.