Monday, July 7, 2008

how we celebrated the 4th...

Our plan for the 4th of July went a but awry this year, but we still had a great weekend. (OK, if you've read below, I was busy reading most of the time, but I did take some breaks to be family oriented every now and then). Our "normal" holiday for the past few years has included watching the parade in Forest Lake at my girlfriend Brooke's parents, then finding some local fireworks to watch at night. This is always a blast - the kids have so much fun at "Grandma Mona's" with their friends and the great parade, and we are close enough to have them in bed shortly after the fireworks. Having the 4th on a Friday gave us a bit more freedom than normal - neither Dave or I had to work the day after - and we didn't know what to totally do with it. We knew we wanted to head north to my Mom's for the weekend, and I thought spending the morning of the 4th watching the parade at Brooke's mom's would fit into the plan perfectly -it is on the way north and then we could spend Thursday night getting situated.

Then we remembered that we have 2 dogs. Yes - how did we forget? Like I said, or normal plan does not dictate the entire weekend, so I was not thinking properly. The dogs normally travel north in the back of Dave's pickup. And, before you call animal control on me, there is a topper on it so they are perfectly save. Well, our dog Shiloh has recently turned into a Houdini and had found out how to escape from the back of the truck when the windows are open while it is parked (not while Dave is driving it). Somehow she wedges her porky body (not little mind you - 70 lbs of fluffy Australian Shepherd) out of the side window. Parking a mile from the parade and leaving them for over an hour was obviously not an option for us with little Miss Escape artists involved Shiloh has also had some, shall we say "socialization issues" in the past, so bringing her to the parade was not an option either. I was still undecided on how we could do both things I wanted to, and was at the point of having 2 vehicles travel north at different times, when Dave got a 1/2 day off on Thursday. That sealed the deal (for him, anyways) and we headed north on Thursday night. We did get to see a parade (though not the same as what we are used to..) and the kids still got the candy that they "needed" and were excited to watch the parade with their cousins and Gouma and Bumpa. We watched the fireworks both Friday and Saturday night off the pontoon and/or dock and had plenty of campfires to sit around and gab.

Here are our holiday pics - first off is Bree in her new top with Rowie, Ollie and Chloe. Cute on her, huh?

This picture is the only proof of our failed tubing mission. Rowan got a bit of a scare when she went under, so she was not willing to try that again this weekend. We'll get her up again soon!

Griff and Dad at the parade.

My cute boy, looking both smiley and sleepy. I made the kids all "treat bags" for the parade out of the same fabric as G's shorts.

This is before we left. We opted to remove the bandannas because the boys looked a bit too much like Willie Nelson and Tupac Shakur. You guess which is which.

Griff waiting for fireworks on the pontoon...

Elizabeth (neighbor at the lake), Rowan and Chloe getting ready for the pontoon cruise to watch the fireworks.

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