Wednesday, June 4, 2008

twofer - tshirt pants and embroidery

Combining 2 of my more recent projects - I made Rowan some pants from one of Dave's old polo shirts, and then embroidered a bit on it. Took the pants idea from here, but changed it up a bit. Both my kids are so big, I can use the arm hole (with the sleeve cut off) as the crotch for them. Then I can also use the existing hem as well. Very easy! This shirt was a bit strange, since it was a bit shorter in the front than the back, so I left it that way for fun. Also - I let them be very "bell"-ish with a narrow waist. They were a bit plain though - so I decided to add a bit of embroidery. After my many purchases for this new "hobby", I realized that I did not have true embroidery floss. A confession here - until I read my books, I thought I had embroidery floss. Turn out there are various types of threads... and i did not have the one that divides into little flosses... I did have some craft thread, though, which could be used for some stitches, but basically ruled out the split stitch. (which most of my new patterns called for). Well, I'm not big on winging it so early in a dabbling adventure - but I did find a pattern from the Aimee Ray book I mentioned earlier that had not split stitch. So, I eyeballed it and free handed it on the pants - with marker no less. My fabric chalk did not show at all on the pants- it is time to invest in a good product for marking fabric temporarily. Love the book, BTW, the projects are very inspirational. While I may not do them exactly as described, they are getting my brain going in fun new directions!
Anyways - the black marker led me to the black thread - and I'm very happy with how it turned out. Made up the little twig on top to give it a bit more decoration. I debated a black blanket stitch around the hem, but think they are cute as is. Can't wait to show them to Rowan when she wakes up! She loves getting new things made for her!

(ah hem... please ignore the hoop marks in the pictures. It is past my bedtime and I did not feel like ironing them out.)

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sara said...

That's a really good idea, and so cute!