Monday, June 30, 2008

two just fun, one done, one undone

I've been working on organizing the craft room a bit. OK - so is an uphill, constantly fought battle, so I guess it is more accurate to say that I was "fighting the good fight the other night". I put up a bulletin board in my room and created a list of projects I am working on. Next to each project on the list is an empty box just waiting for a little check mark - or an "X" to indicate that, "YES!!, I've finished something and not just wasted my hard earned money on just thread, chalk pens and yet again more fabric!". I was trying to get some boxes marked off the past few days. "What have I been up to?" say you? Well, I'm currently working on 4th of July outfits for the kids (obviously need to have them done by Friday), my place mats and napkins for the swap (would like them in the mail by Thursday, since they are going overseas) and a couple summer shirts for my sisters (not "due" any specific time, but would like them to be in season when delivered).

So, with those due dates, what do you think I finish first? Of course one of the tops for my sister, (Brianna's is done, Lauren's is cut out). I used Simplicity 4127 for Bree, and thought it was easy and fun. I did feel that the sizes were wrong - I used her chest measurement and I think it will be a bit big. This is a bit annoying, since the last Simplicity I did, I felt it ran a bit small. I'll be seeing my sister this weekend, so there may be some tweaking needed with the sizing, but all in all, I'm very happy with how it turned out. I feel I was stalling a bit on what NEEDED to get done by doing this project first, but I'm sure Brianna will appreciate. Oh - sorry for the pic. As usual, couldn't find the camera, so used the phone. (I begged my mom to let me borrow her camera and take it for a test run next week. Hopefully, this will improve my photo quality a bit.)

Next, with the daunting napkins and place mats hanging over my head, and the need to be dressed appropriately to celebrate our nation's birthday, I opted to just customize a few things I found on the Target clearance rack for Miss Rowan, and make Griffin some shorts out of some flag material I given by my mother. I think she used it to decorate the pontoon a few years back - we'll be using it to decorate Griffin's bum. I cut up a bandanna from Dollar land at Target and appliqued the stars on Rowan's clearanced skort and Griff's shorts, and then used a pretty flower stitch (that my trusty Husqvarna knew how to do, who knew?) on Rowan's top to make it a bit more festive. Griffin will top off his ensemble with a blue polo and red Chuck Taylors. Cute, cute, cute. Dave didn't like his shorts - thought they looked a bit too "uncle sam", but I think he'll be adorable.

So, the two 4th outfits are the "2 just fun", the tank is the "one done" and sadly, the place mats and napkins are the "one undone". I worked on them for a few hours last night and basically did everything wrong. "Bend the Rules" sewing seems to have a bit more rules than I counted on. I did better with her patterns when I just winged it on this. First off, I cut out the fabric the wrong size TWICE (obviously I need a ruler refresher), then I had trouble mitering my binding borders - then I ended up using bias for binding, but tried to use it like ribbon, not bias, so it was too chunky. THEN, I tried to 1/2 the bias and cut it too close to the edge and made a mess. I'll be using my seam ripper a bit tonight and making one more trip to the fabric store tomorrow - but they WILL be in the mail on Thursday. As God is my witness, I shall get them in the mail on Thursday. Wish me luck!

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sara said...

I love the fabric for that top! Did you see it's the same one I selected for my swap placemats?! So funny.