Saturday, June 28, 2008

t-ball season done

As soon as dance was done, we looked into signing Rowan up for T-ball. Well, for those that know, the T-ball season was well under way by then. They don't coordinate with the local dance studios to ensure that frazzled parents don't have to do more than one activity at the same time. With Rowan as our oldest, we still find it is a learning experience for all of us as she gets older and we join new activities. Regardless, we did find a team that was down a few players that welcomed Rowan... the Fighting Irish. Seemed rather appropriate for my little red haired girl. She was only able to get to 3 games - but she learned a ton and had a lot of fun. The look on her face after hitting a ball (from a pitch, no less, not off the tee) was priceless! These pictures are from her last game, when they played an entire team of little girls (somewhat aptly, though prematurely, named the Cougars... hee hee).

First off, here she is showing off her cannon....

Here she is on the bench waiting to bat. You'll note that her jersey did not have her name on it, since we started late. Dave suggested "Why don't you just embroider it on there, since you are so crafty now...". Ha Bloody Ha. Oh, and you'll notice that her head is a bit big for the batting helmet. All those brains in there, huh?

Warming up before the game. Yes - her glove is pink. AND, it also lights up when a ball hits it.

Here she is at bat... the first game we were a bit surprised to see that our coach pitched to them. Dave and I looked around wondering if we were at the right place.... since we thought she was joining T-Ball. Where was the Tee? Turns out this is the master plan - all the kids get 3 pitches from their own coach and if they don't hit those they get to try the Tee. Now we know this is genius, day one we were quite confused :)

Yes, we are definitely newbies to parenting a school age child. I don't remember seeing a "What to Expect When your Child Joins Activities and Starts School" book out there. This might have saved me a few mishaps the past 2 years including missing her first dance recital (Showed up all dressed and ready to go the day AFTER the actual recital), missing kindergarten round up (we were not registered with the County as having Rowan, only Griffin), and joining T-Ball in time for only 3 games... I'm sure that the list will grow as she does.

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