Sunday, June 22, 2008

new apron and rhubarb

How exciting to arrive home to a package again? A while back I was doing my routine evening craft blog hopping - where I jump from blog to blog finding all sorts of inspiration and ideas. I somehow ended up on Sara's site - The Plaid Post and saw her cute tea towel apron. Not only did she share the link to the free tutorial she had found- she was offering the apron as one of her "Win it Wednesday" prizes. Because I was impressed with the tute, the cute site itself, and that the colors match my crazy colored kitchen, I commented in hopes of winning. Sara emailed me later that I had won. Well, I had not really won, but she had ended up making a second tea towel apron so that both of us who had commented could win. How nice & sweet! BTW - check out Sara's site for a cool way to turn tablecloths into elegant curtains, as well as some great shopping finds and sewing ideas. (PS - I borrowed the picture from her site - since I am still without camera)...

So, I wore my new apron today when I turned the last bit of rhubarb in my yard into a yummy, crunchy treat. I scoured all my local cookbooks today for a recipe. Does anyone else collect local cookbooks like I seem to? I never really planned to collect these - I don't really cook or bake, but I love small local cookbooks - especially finding no bake play doh recipes right next to homemade kitchen cleansers and 23 types of Artichoke dips. Church ones, School ones, Charity ones - I LOVE them all! I grab them up at thrift stores and yard sales. One more question, while I'm off on a tangent already, does everyone grow rhubarb? I may have to Google this later. It seems so Minnesotan to me, is it restricted to certain growing regions?

Anyway, I found a recipe for "Rhubarb Butter Crunch". Sounds odd - but tastes divine. At least I thought so - but no one in my house besides me was interested in rhubarb. Looks like I'll be eating it all myself... yes - I had sampled in the bottom left hand corner a bit pre-photo already. Pre camera phone photo, mind you. That is my excuse for poor quality and composition:)

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Thudin said...

You have to post the recipe please. (not nice to show pictures and not how to bake it!)