Saturday, June 21, 2008

my own pleated beauty bag

I had some time last night after the kid went to bed - which only occurred thanks to not being very sleepy due to the "after dinner" cup of coffee I was craving and drank not 1, but 3 of. So there I was - kids and hubby sleeping and nothing to do. OK - so I could have cleaned a bunch of things, or read - but I just spent the day cleaning and doing laundry and last night finished the 14 Janet Evanovich book, and couldn't read another character so soon after it. I never like anything much after comparing it to Stephanie Plum's latest escapades. (Giggled like crazy reading it.. I liked this one better than the past 2 or so - maybe cause I like Morelli so much??) So, I decided to sneak off to my craft room and sew something. Then, it was difficult to decide what to sew - I just got a bunch of new fabric at the fabric outlet in Osseo and would have loved to sew a skirt for the new sew along I joined (see right side link) with it - but I had not washed it yet, so decided I'd better wait. While I'm not experienced enough to understand all the consequences, sewers that know seem to really frown on this. Then, I thought I'd make the bean bags to the outdoor bean bag game I've asked Dave to build - thought I could use all my scraps and have a very cute game set. With this in mind, I began pulling out all my scraps, and I found the left over fabric from my tunic that I made a few months back and decided that there was too much of it left over to use on beanbags. I scoured my new book Bend the Rules Sewing, and decided I could tweak the pattern for the Pleated Beauty Bag and make a tote bag for me. Selfish - I know - when I could make all sorts of things for other people, but I really LOVE this fabric. I don't know that anyone else would LOVE it as much as me. The book was great - I thought it was descriptive and basic enough for me - and still allowed me to make it a bit different and still get it done. Did I mention that I LOVE these Amy Butler fabrics? Especially them both together. I brought my bag to dinner tonight at Space Aliens (kids "earned" it by being good and picking rocks and weeds in the back yard for an hour or so) and took a quick camera phone picture on the car. Yes - it is hanging from the sun visor and Yes - my camera is lost again. The only thing I'd change with the bag is to add a button or some type of closure to it. Since I used it tonight as "mom purse" it was pretty full and I was afraid it was not stable enough not to spill out. Oh - and I might have used stronger facing - all I had at home was a "light to medium", and I think the pattern called for actually stuffing felt or something inside. All in all - love it! BTW - I'm on coffee #2 tonight -so maybe I'll churn out something less selfish tonight :)

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