Friday, June 6, 2008

garden sticks and frosted hair

I had Brooke's boys here this morning while she visited the doctor (no baby yet, BTW). We decided to check out Crafty Crow and do a project. Garden sticks fit the bill (no real "supplies" needed), so the Rowan and Grayden made me these lovelies. Aren't they cute?

The big kids played great - and Cash was a breeze. Unfortunately, Griffin was not at all interested in sharing toys with Cash. He was a bit of a beast. Yes - I know, what is new?

Got my hair cut and foiled last night. Am a bit concerned that I went a little overboard with the foils. Trying to hide lots of gray may have ended up giving me that 80's frosted look. Ash blond is not really appealing outside of Dynasty reruns. I'll give it some time to grow on me, or not, before I do anything different. I snapped a picture of my cut (can't really see the color) in the mirror with my Anniversary gift from Dave - my new blackberry.

I thought the photo quality was actually pretty good for a camera phone,though the composition and subject may not be up to par. Poor Dave - he got me the phone, and I mowed the lawn for him. To my defense, it was the first time I mowed something in at least 7 years, and I gave a lot of blood, sweat and tears to it. Mainly because I did not know that there was a lever to activate the self propel. If you are my neighbors and saw a girl taking a running start to get the mower up the slight incline from the street, that was me... hi....

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bborndal said...

Cute sticks Em.

Also, love the hair cut, don't be surprised if you see me with the same one very soon. With the new job, I'm having to sport a pony tail every day and I've been thinking shorter is better. Yours turned out really cute. I also need to hide the grays, so may need to highlight, don't know about the light ash, we'll see...