Sunday, June 8, 2008

crafty weekend

(arg... this is my 5th time trying to organize this post correctly... having problems writing first and then getting pictures added. I'll try it the other way around next time.)

While this weekend was mostly spent doing things for our 5 year old daughter's dance recital (her first - although she danced last year -long story - another time and post), I managed to do some sewing and embroidery projects as well...(and not any housework, our house is a MESS!).

First, a disclaimer - normally, I'd first create a post dedicated to JUST Rowan's dance, but we'll have to wait for the pictures that Auntie Kim and her Grandma took, since my camera was worthless in the dark auditorium. Let's just say, she was adorable and amazing... I laughed, I cried... she is so grown up!

On to my projects...

Immediately following her recital today, Rowan and her cousin Chloe were off on a trip with their Grandparents to see the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dave and I are only about 7 hours into it and are basket cases - we miss her like crazy, but I just talked to our big girl, and she is having a ball. I made the girls matching pillow cases for the trip - but did not get Chloe's done in time. Just finished it tonight and she'll get it right when she gets back. Again an Aimee Ray birdie and a Sublime Stitching critter pattern. Next time - I'd spend my time on the embroidery - not making an actual pillow case. Seems silly now... I'd have had the done in time if I hadn't decided to make them from scratch (well, not "growing cotton" scratch, but you know what I mean). Oh well, next time :)

Next - after reading about the Simplicity 3835 pattern on a zillion craft blogs, I picked it up for myself. It was an impulse buy, honestly, since I was not sure how to actually buy a pattern in a real store (with 4 walls that is, as opposed to existing somewhere out there in cyber space). Turns out it is ridiculously easy - big drawers labeled with numbers... Even I can manage that! I was nervous with this top, since I was not sure how flattering it would be... and didn't want to "waste" my pretty fabric (Amy Butler - LOVE IT!). But, I am fairly happy with how it turned out - and LOVE fold over elastic. This was something I think I saw on Angry Chicken and I"m now a believer. It made the sleeves and neck a breeze. I probably saved a ton of time not having to build casing for elastic, and then feed it through. Plus I like the look of it as well.

I am still practicing my embroidery - so I had picked up a bunch of these hats in the dollar bin at Target and gave one a go. I used the same bird pattern that I found in the Aimee Ray book I mentioned above- just changed it up a bit. The hat is pretty thin - so this will be a play hat for Rowan - but I think she looks adorable!

Lastly, just a quick picture for our Texas viewers/readers: First, sorry for all the stripes. But, there is a good reason for this post. At Rowan's Saturday recital, Grandma had a trunk full of Uncle Jack's old clothes that Nance must have sent up. We took a shirt to make Griffin some pj pants... cute, huh? Now Griffie can wear his favorite "Apple Jack pants" - tada!

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Cute shirt and hat!