Tuesday, June 10, 2008

btrs swap

After joining the Sew Liberated Emmeline Apron Sew Along, I felt a short lived boost of confidence and decided to sign on for a "swap". For those of you sewing swap rookies (myself included until a few nights ago) this means that you follow some prescribed plan and make something specific for someone else. Ideally, you would receive something in return from another sewer - thus the term "swap". Oh wait - then you all post your pictures to a Flickr account and ooh and ah over each others sewing skills and fabric choices. I'm not sure if people point and laugh at the newbies - I'm hoping not :) The swap I joined uses the Bend The Rules Sewing book as a guide (written by the fantastic Amy Karol of Angry Chicken fame)- and the first thing I've signed on to make is place mats and napkins. I thought these would be nice and easy - and honestly the pattern and plan looks like something I can handle without exposing myself too much as a newbie. We have until mid July to make these - and what I'm sure will keep me going is the thought of a woman wondering where her place mats/napkins are when she shipped her own off many moons prior. What has me tied in knots is trying to pick fabric for my swap partner. We got a short bio of our partners - and mine gave me a nice list of some of her interests, as well as her some things her kids' like. You'd think this would be helpful, right? Well, it is almost too much for me - who wants to make it just right. I've run the gamut of making totally kid friendly items - licensed cartoon fabric and all - that probably won't appeal much to mom and dad - to just making very pretty ones of nice decorator fabric, that the kids won't care for. After 3 nights of moonlight Googling and eBaying, I have finally taken a plunge and ordered my fabric from Crafty Planet. I am lucky enough to live fairly close to this fantastic store - but don't seem to have time to physically go there. Thank God for the Internet! I won't share yet what fabric I chose - but will tell you that I think it fits the bill of being both kid friendly and adult enough to allow out on the table at all times. Well, at least at my house! I hope to post my project soon. It has a far way to go by mid July as my partner is overseas and I've got guilt as my taskmaster!!


cator said...

This sounds like a interesting and fun way to motivate one to sew a project. Meet new friends. Another really good source for a huge variety of fabric designs and types is J & O Fabrics, right now they have a neat post on the history of Betty Boop along with some neat fabric designs of her.

Anonymous said...

I found your Blog via Brookes Blog and have been curious ever since! Your so creative....and you family is adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!