Monday, June 16, 2008

at the lake

We've spent the last few days at my mom's house while her and my step dad had the girls in South Dakota. (Pictures here on their flickr) We had some bad weather - and somethings were struck by lightning on Wednesday night... nothing "vital", but enough to throw the "work from home" plan a bit awry. Since we were technically on vacation, I made time to do a bit of crafting between playing with Griffin and pretending I was my mother on the phone with her Internet service provider..."I just don't remember the last 4 digits of my social, but can you please send someone out to fix it anyway??".

Brooke got a bit obsessive about making baby shoes - (9 pairs in 2 nights!!) which will come in handy now that she has had her baby. Hooray!! See here for all sorts of pictures of Miss Vada Wood (and her shoe obsession). I tried my hand at them as well, though this is my first try and a bit rough. I made another pair last night along with a kimono dress for Vada - so I'll post pics of the "better" pair tomorrow.

Then, because the only store within 30 miles of the lake is a Wal Mart - which I'm not normally enamored with - and I got antsy to do something crafty... I tried the felt critters from the Aimee Ray book. These were fast and easy - and I think very cute. I do need to do some research about higher end felt, as these pilled up within a few hours of being played with.

These are just some random shots of the kids from this weekend. Griffin was sure glad to have her sister home :)

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Thudin said...

I'm still struggling with the lightening strike- apparently my phone took a hit too - At least my first day back from vacation is not too noisy! Cute shoe Em - can't wait to see more.