Sunday, May 4, 2008

sewing push weekend

When I first discovered the wide world of sewers and crafters blogging and photographing their projects, I was amazed, excited, overwhelmed, and honestly, felt a bit lazy. What have I done recently? Does folding laundry count as a craft? I frantically began saving "favorites" to my computer - without any plan or organization. The result - I've now got just as many "electronic" ideas as I have on paper and cut out from magazines and books...not necessarily any of which actually get done, nor can be found easily if I decide I really want to do them. A phone call from Brooke on Friday started a big push for me to try some of the ideas I've seen recently- especially since I'm fishing for a new sewing machine for Mother's Day, and want to prove how much I need it.

So, it was the weekend of t-shirt baby yoga pants, capri sun purse, and yes, I started and finished the Amy Butler Lotus Tunic (Dave keeps asking "what the hell is a tunic?"). I believe that I can now officially call myself a true sewer, albeit a "beginner". I've now gone beyond curtains, pillows and jean hems - Hooray. My mom thinks this just means that I'll start to swear more frequently.

Brooke called on Friday -she was making yoga pants out of a t-shirt for her 1 year old, Cash. I think I saw the on the Sew Mama Sew site. I was not sure if Dave's shirt would be large enough for Griffin (3), but it worked perfectly... I ended up making a pair for Rowan out of an even larger t-shirt previously belonging to her Bumpa. Dave wondered who's shirt I could use to make him a pair, cause they sure looked comfy on the kids.

This shirt used to say "I heart hot moms". If I had to do over, I would have used smaller elastic and tried to save more of the writing for a fun decoration. I plan to use the same pattern for tons of other pants for both kids- how easy and fun! I did have to tell Griffin that they were Spider man pants to get him to put them on originally, but he loves them now, and they are great for our potty training escapades!

Next up was the Amy Butler Lotus Tunic... this took me a good two days - with most of the time spent pinning, cutting and ironing seams. I swore a lot, but only had to do 2 seam rips (guess most of us do need the arm holes open...) Thank God for my mother's sewing machine... mine would never have handled it, as it seems to not handle much. (hint hint, Dave).

I'm happy with how it turned out - though I see all the flaws when I look at in this picture. Regardless - I made it all by myself, and am damn proud of myself for not begging my mother to finish it. My mother and sister were both quick to point out that I was not very original, choosing the exact fabric that is on the pattern pic, but I did change up the accent material. Why mess with genius (amy's that is)? And I have to give Amy Butler props - her material is fantastic - and the pattern was pretty user-friendly and easy to understand. Side note, I asked Dave to take this picture, cause I'm not sure where the timer is on my digital, and since it is 10 pm, I had him cut out my head (no make up and bad hair). Sorry about the kooky pose - I didn't know he was actually pushing the button this time, but I looked the least hefty in this one, so I used it anyway.

Last up, I bumped into the Capri Sun purse on a few different sites a few nights back - I think I was looking for tote patterns and found it. I thought it would be a fun one for Rowan - so I threw it together tonight. Well, that is after draining an entire case of Capri Suns into a pitcher on Friday and letting the containers dry all weekend. I definitely know what to do different if I were to do this again, but can't imagine the need for too many of these. Still, it was fun and she'll love it when she sees it! Just kinda makes me thirsty to look at.

On a side note, we did get up to my mom's lake this weekend, as well as stopping in our cabin. For those that don't know, Dave and I bought a "cabin" (and I use the term loosely) last year with his brother Joe. The land is great, and it is only a couple houses down from my mom and step dad. The plan is to fix it up, but we have to work with the county to find out what we can and can't do. There seems to be a lot of rules and regs around it, but for now, we visit the lot and stay at my mom's. It was very cold on Saturday, the ice only went out of the lake on Wednesday, but today was gorgeous. The kids and I (when I was not sewing) spent a ton of time outside - Grif and I took an hour and a half walk where he jumped into every puddle. Rowan was busy collecting worms and rocks with her cousin Chloe, getting very muddy and messy. We came home to a beautiful day in the cities too - maybe we'll really have summer now...


pgand said...

I really love the tunic you made! I just cut the fabric out and am trying to decide if I want to go through the trouble of including a belt.

what do you recommend? How many hours did you spend on the dress.

I'm a bit of a novice, hopefully I'll finish!

Emily said...

Don't know if you'll jump back in, pgand... but just in case...

I've been without internet, so I apologize for the delay. I did not include the belt, and wish now that I did - but I would have purchased less expensive fabric for the sleeves and belt. I doubt I'd have worn it tied in front, but pulled through the loops and tied in back would have been cute. Also - I spent a good weekend on this - and it was one of my beginner items (though I'm still a beginner). The directions were great - just take your time! Good luck!!