Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend: Ollie and Walleyes

We celebrated our nephew Oliver's (aka our god son) 3rd Birthday this past weekend. We also celebrated that his mom (my sister Brianna) graduated from technical school with an electrician degree - but the party hats below were just for the "O"man.

Oliver loved his party - he was a riot opening his gifts. Here he is enjoying his singing, candles and cake. Maybe he is peeking over his shoulder to make sure big cousin Grif doesn't move in on his cake.

Later, Oliver even condescended to let me push him on the swing for about 4 pushes. He is not really enamored by Auntie yet- but I'm working on him.

As usual, we had way too much food. This is my sister, far left, myself, Grandma "GG", step mom Carole and Dad around the table "grazing". (Dave & Chloe are in the background filling water balloons or squirt guns - I forgot which). Note - Bree is wearing one of her grad gifts from me- an Emmeline apron mentioned in a previous post. It was very cute on her...wishing I had made myself one.

That night - post party - Dave and Rowan fished off the dock and Dave got 2 walleyes. I believe he's fished my mom's lake for the past 8-9 years and never caught one of these elusive fish. We were not sure that they actually lived in the lake. He was thrilled. Rowan and Griffin were ecstatic as well- Griffin kept saying "My dad caught a bit old shark!!".

Hope your holiday weekend was fun!

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Brooke said...

VERY cute... the aprons...and the kids... and you:)