Friday, May 2, 2008


Dave had buddies over for "old school" band practice last night - it was fun to see and hear them all together again, though I suspect it is just as much a social event as a "practice". I say "old school" since this is a much earlier edition of the band...not much is better than Eric belting out a little AC DC, James on drums, and Dave and Brian on guitars. A bit like old times... They sounded good - I'm constantly amazed at the musical abilities they all have. My french horn playing days are a bit behind me now - and I was never able to do anything musically without sheet music and a conductor. One can only hope our kids inherit Dave's incredible musical talent oh, and my striking good looks!

Brian brought his 4 month old Turner, since his wife was at work. The kids and I had a blast with Turner - he is extremely cuddly and curious. He seemed to love the loud ruckus being made in the house -which is NOT a testament to the quality of music being made - more the result of the sound escaping through the basement ceiling below to the floor and rug above, combined with G beating his Batman and pirate swords on a box to play "drums" and Rowie "strumming" her Hannah Montana guitar, which plays pre-recorded bits of teeny bopper pop.

I did witness a dimple or two from Turner as he smiled watching the kids dance to the music. Caragh and Brian did good with their little man!

I promise that he did smile... but he was more interested in looking at everything that was going on... and there was a lot going on!

Rowan kept asking to hold him, and she did a great job! I was very impressed that Griffin actually was inclined to share a Spider man guy or two with Turner as well...

All three in jammies - watching a bit of Baby Einstein as we waited for practice to wrap up... Griffin hasn't watched these in over a year and he was fascinated all over again. Dave has called the movies "baby crack" - as they seem a bit addicting to the young mind.

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