Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sunday best

Here are the monsters all dressed up for Grandma and Papa Thom's 50th Anniversary mass and party last Sunday. Grif's knees look a bit rough - and it is only May! Can't imagine what they'll look like by the end of the summer. They did good in church for the mass - though Rowan thought Grandma and Papa were getting married when their marriage was being blessed and Griffin kept asking if this (church) is where "that little girl baby Jesus" lived. They were a bit wild at the luncheon afterwards - but with over 20 cousins around to play with, I guess that can be expected.

What a huge milestone for Dave's parents... a half century of their lives together. 13 of their 14 kids, and their respective families, were able to attend the gathering. As you can probably imagine, always entertaining and interesting when that many sibs do get together. I have to admit to a guilty pleasure of watching my husband in the role of the youngest brother and #12 of 14 within his family. Quite different than his roles as husband, father, best friend or co-worker that I see more frequently. I also get a kick out of seeing his mannerisms and odd (to me) idiosyncrasies shared by his sisters and brothers (Theresa - can you say Mandarin?). On top of that, I love catching glimpses of my kids in their aunties, uncles and cousins. Makes me feel they are truly part of a bigger picture than just our little corner of Nightingale Street :)

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