Friday, May 23, 2008

slugs & samples

After seeing some polymer clay creations my sister bought at a craft show, Rowan wanted to make her own for Auntie Theresa. She wanted them to be the slugs from the movie Flushed Away. Not sure why Auntie Theresa gets slugs... hard to determine what goes on in the mind of a 5 1/2 year old, but I think she did a great job. Unfortunatly, we did not realize that the clay we used was only modeling clay and could not be baked or hardened. I convinced Rowan that there were her practice versions and we'd make the types that can be gifts after I buy the right clay. I was not sure Auntie Theresa would want the soft clay versions - though real slugs are slimy. Disclaimer - I may have made a few slugs too...

When I got home from work and picking the kids up from daycare last night, I could see a big package by the door. Yes, I do my fair share of buying things on eBay, so a package by the door is not foreign to me, but I got a little giddy seeing it on our front porch. Does everyone love receiving packages as much as me, or am I odd? Anyways - it was a box from Texas - Aunt Nancy had found us all sorts of treasures at her friends' sample sale. Here are the kids in their winter gear for next year - Thanks Nance!! They LOVE their boots. Cute, huh?

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