Friday, May 30, 2008

more dabbling...embroidery this time

So... does it make sense that not two weeks after I receive the sewing machine of my dreams, with embroidery capabilities mind you, I decide to try my hand at learning to hand embroider?

Of course not -but that is what I've done. I found this great site - and got some fantastic patterns shipped to me. There were so many options that I wanted them all, but ended up choosing camping art, woodland creatures, gnomes and fairies and kitchen gadgets. After all, who does not need a gnome/s'more stick/porcupine/blender embroidered on their kitchen towel? Then, decided I needed this book... and needed to spend a bit more on amazon to get super shipper rates, so got this book too. Now I'm set - but need to actually produce something to feel that I've not wasted my start up capital.

And, yes - I do know that have a problem and wholeheartedly, admit to being a compulsive craft dabbler. It is so much fun to learn to do something new and know that I can do it myself. I was able to logically justify the embroidery gear as a family bonding activity. "What?" you say (I'm sure). With all our long car trips to the lake and up north this summer, doing embroidery on the ride instead of reading will encourage me to be more social to husband and monsters, oops, children. See... embroidering is going to improve our quality of life. Ha! Excellent reasoning, right?

So, I spent last night learning the split stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch and a cable stitch. Oh... I think that there is an overcast stitch in there as well. I planned on posting a picture with my handiwork (ha ha ha) but unfortunately it seems my children were playing "Photographer" with my camera and it is missing. I'm sure it will turn up on the Saturday Clean Fest I've decided to hold at our house this weekend (tickets are still available, if you'd like to attend)... but for now I guess no one will get to see my stitching baby steps. Maybe that is a good thing.

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Brooke said...

I am VERY excited about your new talent, so much that I beg of you to practice on the brown cuddleby blankets that I bought that are in desperate need of a girly makeover before 'julie chicken' is swaddled in them... let me know if you can help??